Product Overview

ZXUN SSC Smart Service Chain

With rapid development of mobile Internet, the focus of operators has begun to shift from voice value-added service to data network value-added service, to meet the urgent needs of mobile data users for personalized and differentiated services in data network. ZXUN SSC (Smart Service Chain) is deployed between mobile network and public network, guides the traffic to different service functions on demand and provides end users with various data network value-added services. It includes three parts: Direct routing load balance provides load balancing for SFs; Convergent SF provides functions such as traffic classifier, stream optimization, URL filtering, virtual FW and virtual CGNAT; Congestion awareness & analysis grasps the congestion status of wireless network, and provides a decision basis for traffic optimization.

Major Functions:
Stream optimization: Optimizes TCP traffic and QUIC video traffic to increase the wireless network utilization, alleviate the wireless network congestion and improve user experience.
URL filtering: Filters out specified data such as vulgar information and malicious websites based on the URL of the user's Internet browsing, to help operators improve users' Web browsing experience.
Virtual firewall: Realizes abstraction and virtualization of firewall resources to provide network security guarantee for CN users.
Virtual CGNAT: Provides functions such as SNAT, DNAT and ALG to relieve the pressure of the operator's IPv4 address shortage.
Product Advantages:
Advanced Architecture: Lightweight overlay network deployment; High-performance convergent SF
Rich Services: Rich self-development service functions; Easy access of 3rd party SFs
Simplified O&M: Elastic scaling; SF orchestration

Customer Benefits:

Fast Provisioning: Supporting NFV to realize on-demand elastic scaling and rapid system deployment, to help the cloud-based transformation of operator's services

Simplified Network Architecture: Supporting lightweight overlay network deployment to shield differences of existing core networks
Experience Improvement: Providing rich service functions to help operators innovate their services and expand new business models

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