Product Overview


ZXUN uMAC system is a packet core network equipment developed by ZTE, which can be used as SGSN in GSM / UMTS network or as control plane network element MME in LTE / EPC network, or as AMF in 5GC network, or as SGSN, MME and AMF combined VNF, so operators can smoothly evolve from traditional 2G / 3G networks to 4G or 5G networks. ZXUN uMAC has two product forms, one form uses NFV / SDN technology to realize hardware and software decoupling, so uMAC is deployed as the EPC/5GC VNF in the cloud core network, the other form uses traditional technology, through the proprietary hardware to achieve network element function.

Main Functions: 

Virtualization Functions: Support automatic deployment, elastic scale-in/out, self-healing and etc. 

AMF Functions: Support the registration management function, connectivity management function, mobility management function, security management function, SM message transport function. 

MME Functions: Support the mobility management function, bearer management function, handover management function, security management function, QoS function, RIM function, MME pool function, CSFB function, eSRVCC function, IPv6 management function, IoT function. 

SGSN Functions: Support mobility management function, session management function, security management function, IP bearer function, billing function. 

DNS Functions:  Support IP address resolve function:ACL, recursive query function, iterative query function, multiple DNS query types function, domain name resolution views function, resource record function.


High Integration:Large user capacity, Low power consumption, Small footprint
Multi-access: Support 2G/3G/4G/5G simultaneously
Convergent and shared resource: Simplified network interworking 
Easy O&M: One-click deployment, Automatic O&M, Elastic scaling


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