Voice of ZTE on Cybersecurity

ZTE has continuously enhanced its comprehensive cybersecurity governance to confront new challenges brought by 5G network commercialization. In April 2019, ZTE published the ZTE Cybersecurity White Paper, which introduces ZTE's overall security governance practices. Later, it released its 5G Security White Paper at GSMA Mobile 360 Hague. In 2020, GSMA Mobile World Live released a special video report on cybersecurity with ZTE, including visits to ZTE's three cybersecurity labs in China and Europe. After EU released the EU Toolbox of Risk Mitigating Measures for 5G cybersecurity, both ZTE and GSMA Mobile World Live published the CSO byline article. Besides, Mr. Zhong Hong, CSO of ZTE, through interviews by media channels inside and outside China, communicated ZTE's vision, concept, and approaches on cybersecurity to the world, and delivered ZTE’s determination to achieve transparency especially after the three labs were opened.

ZTE's press news and publications are listed as follows:

1. White Paper

ZTE Cybersecurity White Paper - ZTE Portal - 03/04/2019

ZTE 5G Security White Paper - ZTE Portal - 29/05/2019

2. Statement

ZTE welcomes and appreciates the EU Toolbox on 5G networks risk mitigation  - ZTE Portal - 04/02/2020

ZTE Cybersecurity Statement - ZTE Portal - 11/01/2019

3. Interview

How 5G secures a digital future  - The Economist - 15/10/2020

ZTE drives end-to-end 5G security with open approach - MWL - 20200709 - ZTE Portal - 09/07/2020

Mobile World Live special partner report: Cybersecurity with ZTE - GSMA Mobile World Live - 25/02/2020

ZTE preparing for 5G security assessments in Brussels lab: Executive RCR Wireless 22/10/2019

ZTE Chief Security Officer Sheds Light on Cybersecurity Assurance - ZTE Portal - 18/02/2019

4. CSO Byline Article

ZTE Looks Forward to Building Secure and Trustworthy 5G Networks with Customers - GSMA Mobile World Live - 25/02/2020

5. News

ZTE launches new Bug Bounty Programs  - ZTE Portal - 23/10/2020

ZTE and Omdia release white paper on Security Transparence and Assurance in a 5G World  - ZTE Portal - 15/09/2020

ZTE passes GSMA's NESAS Audit for development and product lifecycle processes by ATSEC - ZTE Portal - 24/08/2020

ZTE sets sights on 5G network expansion in Europe despite increased security restrictions - South China Morning Post - 04/02/2020

ZTE's Chief Security Officer shares his insights on corporate security practices at World 5G Convention - ZTE Portal - 25/10/2019

ZTE releases a 5G security white paper at GSMA Mobile 360 Security for 5G ZTE Portal - 29/05/2019

ZTE launches its Cybersecurity Lab Europe in Brussels - ZTE Portal - 10/07/2019

ZTE launches its first cybersecurity laboratory in Europe - ZTE Portal - 21/05/2019

ZTE Launches Its First Cybersecurity Lab in China to Boost the ICT Industry Security - ZTE Portal - 17/05/2019

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