Fast HLR Immigration Bring New Opportunity


MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) is largest operators in Ukraine. It aims to provide reliable communications in any place and at any time, and to make all MTS services modern, clear and simple. Now, MTS is ambitious to deploy new 4G network for the future competition. But the existing HLRs hinder the MTS service development:

  • Limited Capacity, which can’t meet the need of subscriber expansion
  • Total 27 HLRs in the existing network, which is complicated, and difficult to O&M.
  • Hard to Evolve to 4G & IMS, which can’t meet the fast service innovation requirement

MTS plans to replace the existing 27 HLRs and builds future oriented SDM system to provide better service experience for customers.

ZTE Solutions

ZTE is selected as Exclusive SDM Supplier for outstanding performance & services.

ZXUN USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform) provides SDM solution for MTS with advanced UDC (User Data Convergence) architecture.One sets of USPP swaps 27 existing TDM HLRs, and build future-oriented all IP User data Center.

Relying on extensive project experience, it took only 2 months to migrate all the HLRs (30Million lines) without any service complaints.

Customer Benefits

High Reliability, Secure Network

NE reliability exceeds 99.99991%; support N+K load sharing mode, avoid single node failure; support multiple-level data backup/ recovery mechanism, that is, at different levels of memory/local hard disc/disc array, and create a highly reliable and worry-free user data center.

High Integration, Energy Saving, Environment Protection

Power consumption is reducd by 78%, room requirement is reduced by 67%. Because of simple SDM network, maintenance personnel is reduced by 78%. In summary, TCO is reduced by 72%.

Powerful service convergence capability, accelerate service deployment & innovation

ZXUN USPP is helpful for realizing HLR/EPC HSS/IMS HSS convergent service of different application NEs, reducing deployment cost, accelerating service deployment, and creating more benefits for operators.

Customer Quote 

 We would like to appreciate ZTE professional service, efficient organization, and fast delivery during the project implementation. We consider ZTE as a reliable and important business partner and expect for more successful cooperation in the future.”

-Vladimir Putintsev, MTS Ukraine CTO

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