Build Highly-Reliable SDM for Orange Romania


Orange is one of the leading Multi-national Telecom Operator in the world which owns many branches in Europe, Africa, etc. Orange Romania is the largest mobile operator in Romania, providing voice, data and Internet services based on GSM/UMTS network. With the quick development of mobile data services and fierce competition from mobile market, Orange Romania faces the following challenges:

  • Poor reliability of existing HLR: Frequent breaking down results in a lot of complaints, which greatly impacts on the service deployment.
  • Difficult to evolve to LTE: Hardware must be replaced, which wastes huge investment.
  • High CAPEX/OPEX: User data is distributed in different network nodes, and all the nodes must be deployed independently.

Orange has to solve above problems to achieve sustainable development and improve the competence for the future..

ZTE Solutions 

ZXUN USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform) provides SDM solution for Orange with advanced UDC (User Data Convergence) architecture. ZXUN USPP adopts a fully-distributed architecture to achieve unified storage and processing of subscriber data. In this project, ZXUN USPP (Total capacity of 19 million) swapped existing 18 HLRs (Total capacity of 12 million), to build a highly-reliable and convergent user data center, reducing TCO.

Customer Benefits

High Reliability, Secure Network

  • 1+1+1 Geographical Redundancyno single point failure to guarantee data security.
  • High Reliability: triple-layer protection of memory/disk array/hard disk
  • Self-owned ATCA platform provides Telecom-grade high reliability: > 99.99991%

High Integration, Energy Saving, Environment Protection

  • Capacity is increased by 58%,while power consumption, room requirement and maintenance personnel is reduced greatly. TCO is reduced by 72%.
  • Smooth Expansion: support 100M dynamic subscribers and 200M static subscribers. System capacity is expanded according to the development of subscribers, without affecting existing services.

Convergent User Data, Accelerate Service Innovation

ZXUN USPP supports GSM/UMTS/LTE subscribers simultaneously. GSM/UMTS subscribers can be upgraded to LTE subscriber, which improves service experience, and helps Orange open up LTE services first to improve its core competitiveness in mobile broadband field.

Customer Quote

Before this successful SDM swap in Romanian exiting network, ZTE USPP products had passed strict tests of different dimensions in FT Group and FT Romania (Orange). Overall, USPP is a good and reliable product, no red flag identified”,Orange Group said.

We would like to express our appreciation and to congratulate ZTE Romania for successfully delivery of SDM Project and to thank for the great support and excellent collaboration during the implementation phase of the project.”

       -Madalina Suceveanu, Orange Romania CTO

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