• ZTE Assists China CITIC Bank in Building a Data Bank
    • Winning the contract to establish CITIC’s big-data platform indicates that ZTE has taken a further step into the financial sector. With its experience in both the IT and financial arenas, ZTE is helping CITIC build a new internet-based strategic financial platform. Both parties will profit from cloud computing and big-data technologies.
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    • Pioneering and Leading 4G in Hong Kong
    • CSL offers advanced technology, innovative services and superior customer experience. After launching the world’s first commercial dual band 4G LTE/DC-HSPA + mobile broadband network in November 2010, CSL continues to achieve , international LTE roaming, IPv6 deployment, MME POOL and the tdemonstration of the IMS-based High Definition.
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    • Fast HLR Immigration Bring New Opportunity
    • MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) is largest operators in Ukraine. It aims to provide reliable communications in any place and at any time, and to make all MTS services modern, clear and simple. Now, MTS is ambitious to deploy new 4G network for the future competition.
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    • Build Highly-Reliable SDM for Orange Romania
    • ZXUN USPP adopts a fully-distributed architecture to achieve unified storage and processing of subscriber data. In this project, ZXUN USPP (Total capacity of 19 million) swapped existing 18 HLRs (Total capacity of 12 million), to build a highly-reliable and convergent user data center, reducing TCO.
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