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Cui Li, Chief Development Officer of ZTE: Successful 5G applications must create differentiated value
Cui Li, Chief Development Officer of ZTE Corporation, attended the WISE2021 Leaders Conference, and shared her views on the topic "Accelerating 5G Expansion, Exploring Innovative Applications for Industries" with experts and business leaders from various sectors.
ZTE Chief Security Officer Zhong Hong: Providing Secure Network Connections for the 5G Digital World
Capacity speaks to ZHONG HONG, Chief Security Officer Of ZTE Corporation, about the vision of security in DNA, trust through transparency.
Xu Ziyang: Focus on Value Creation and Empower Industries Precisely
In the 5G era, empowering different industries to accelerate their digital and intelligent transformation has become the focus of society. Today, I'd like to share ZTE's view on how to achieve this.
ZTE SVP Zhang Wanchun:Unremitting Innovation to Touch the Future
In the past year, although facing many challenges such as network investment, vertical industrial application, business model and ecological construction, the pace of 5G development is still unstoppable.
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