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  • ZTE Chief Legal Officer Spencer Shen:Developing a Risk-Oriented Compliance Management System for Sustainable Growth

    Spencer Shen ZTE Chief Legal Officer Economic globalisation brings companies from around the world into closer interaction with the open international market. When expanding their overseas presence, multinational companies need to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, which may bring risks and challenges to their business.ZTE is committed on an ongoing basis to working with its partners to build a compliance-based market environment with high levels of business sustainability and high rates of growth, where the ultimate vision of compliance creating value can be achieved.

  • ZTE SVP Zhang Wanchun:Unremitting Innovation to Touch the Future

    Zhang Wanchun SVP of ZTE Corporation In the past year, although facing many challenges such as network investment, vertical industrial application, business model and ecological construction, the pace of 5G development is still unstoppable. Over 60 networks around the world have started to provide 5G commercial services. ZTE also has established extensive cooperation with over 70 operators and hundreds of vertical customers on 5G.

  • ZTE Chief Strategy Officer Wang Xiang: Reshaping Business Value with 5G Innovation for a Win-Win Future

    Wang Xiang ZTE Chief Strategy Officer As the launch of 5G for commercial use commenced around the world in 2019, we enter an exciting era. The 5G industry chain is maturing and 5G innovative applications are flourishing. The business opportunities are only just being realized.

  • ZTE Chief Security Officer Zhong Hong: ZTE Looks Forward to Building Secure and Trustworthy 5G Networks with Customers

    Zhong Hong ZTE Chief Security Officer As digital transformation drives network evolution, flexible 5G network architecture makes it possible to connect the industrial Internet to a society's core assets such as energy, transport, and healthcare – and thus we see that as 4G changed lifestyles, 5G will change and revolutionize our wider society. However, co-existing with these changes is the perceived security risk of 5G networks, which has attracted extensive attention from all stakeholders.

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