ZTE releases the steady core solution to guarantee always reachable services, realizing worry-free networks

Release Time:2023-06-29
  • The solution guarantees uninterrupted connections, meeting high-reliability requirements, with an interruption time of less than 1 second
  • The solution aims to assist operators and industry users in establishing highly reliable and resilient networks, ensuring consistently accessible services and providing worry-free network experiences


Shanghai, China, 29 June 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has launched its steady core solution at the 10th MWC Shanghai held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The solution aims to assist operators and industry users in establishing highly reliable and resilient networks, ensuring consistently accessible services and providing worry-free network experiences. 


With the rapid growth and in-depth development in ToC and ToB fields, on the one hand, society, production and economy increasingly rely on mobile networks. On the other hand, occasional signaling storms occur, the network scale is larger and more complicated, and industrial production has a higher requirement for connection reliability, posing great challenges to the stable operation of the network.  


To address the aforementioned challenges, ZTE has released the steady core solution. This solution encompasses three key functions: 3-Level adaptive storm control, 3-Layer data/network/service guarantee, and 3D link reliability enhancement. Through the three-level protection measures of "Automatic scaling & balancing/E2E traffic control/Automatic storm source fusing," the solution helps mitigate the impact of signaling storms. It can withstand 100 instances of impact and achieve signaling storm convergence in under 5 minutes.


The three-layer guarantee of "User data 3-node hot backup/Full-Mesh networking/NF Bypass" enhances architectural resilience, ensuring high data security, network redundancy, and service fault tolerance. The network reliability exceeds 99.999%.


With the implementation of "Native FRER/UPF 1+1 hot standby/UPF+," the solution provides dual-protection across three levels: link, equipment, and control plane. This guarantees uninterrupted connections, meeting high-reliability requirements, with an interruption time of less than 1 second.


The ZTE steady core solution assists operators and industry users in establishing worry-free networks, ensuring the stable operation of over 300 global networks. Moving forward, ZTE will remain committed to continuous innovation and optimization efforts to enhance network quality and improve the overall user experience.  



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