ZTE IP Edge routers elevated to highest rating "Leader" by GlobalData

Release Time:2023-08-08
  • According to GlobalData's latest assessments, four ZTE routers have been elevated to the highest rating "Leader"
  • They have been elevated from "Very Strong" to "Leader" in "System Performance and Architecture"  and "Interfaces and Port Density", while retaining "Leader" in "Management and Control Capabilities" and "Supported Services"  


Shenzhen, China, 8 August 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, announced today that, according to the latest "IP Edge Router Competitive Landscape Assessment" and "ZTE IP Edge Router Portfolio" released by GlobalData, an internationally authoritative telecommunications, software and IT service resource firm, ZTE's intelligent router ZXR10 M6000-SE, full-service router ZXR10 M6000-S, virtualization router ZXR10 V6000 and multi-service packet platform ZXCTN 9000-E have been elevated to the highest rating "Leader" in the overall assessment. Specifically, they have been elevated from "Very Strong" to "Leader" in "System Performance and Architecture" and "Interfaces and Port Density", while retaining the "Leader" rating in "Management and Control Capabilities" and "Supported Services".  


ZXR10 M6000-SE: intelligent, simplified and ultra-broadband, leading 5G cloud network


The ZXR10 M6000-SE series intelligent routers are designed to meet the demands of the 5G, big video/VR/AR, intelligent IoT, and cloud network era. These routers employ an advanced backplane-free orthogonal architecture, along with in-house new-generation high-performance network processors and network operating systems, enabling continuous and seamless upgrades to handle rapid network traffic growth.


Moreover, the routers utilize the AI+SDN management and control platform, enhancing network perception, visualization, and adjustability. They offer support for rich software features such as SR/SRv6, EVPN, network slicing, and high-precision timing and synchronization to provide ultra-broadband, simplified and intelligent network deployment in the 5G cloud era.


ZTE's cloud-era intelligent router ZXR10 M6000-SE was honored with the "Excellent Product" award at the 23rd China High-Tech Fair (CHTF).


ZXR10 M6000-S: transport various services in multiple scenarios


The ZXR10 M6000-S series products utilize in-house core components and proprietary ROSng routing operating systems, offering industry-leading SR/EVPN/SRv6/BIER features and supporting the evolution towards a simplified and intelligent network architecture. These products have consistently been working in the industry, excelling in forwarding performance, energy efficiency, and SDN capabilities, serving mainstream operators reliably in backbone, MAN, IGW, and IDC scenarios for a long period.


They are well-equipped to meet the efficient transport demands of 5G, IoT, and cloud computing services. In recent years, the ZXR10 M6000-S series products have consistently held a prominent position, ranking No.2 in the Chinese market. Notably, in China Mobile’s high-end router centralized procurement 2021-2022, ZTE gained the largest share with the ZXR10 M6000-S series. These devices were deployed in transport scenarios including metro core networks, 5GC network clouds, and user plane functions(UPFs) in many cities.


ZXR10 V6000: boosting metro edge virtualization


The ZXR10 V6000 series products leverage SDN & NFV technologies to achieve control and forwarding separation, software and hardware disaggregation, elastic capacity expansion and reduction, to easy provide flexible deployment of new services and unified control of configuration, operation, and maintenance.


The ZXR10 V6000 is highly versatile and applicable to various scenarios such as vBRAS, vCPE, vCGN, vRR, vPE, and vDC-GW, significantly improving network elasticity and flexibility. These products accelerate the virtualization of the metro edge, thus enabling operators to reduce hardware investment and enhance the Return on Investment (ROI).


ZXCTN 9000-E: open and integrated, flexible multi-service transport


The ZXCTN 9000-E series products integrate the advantages of packet and transmission technologies, utilizing state-of-the-art distributed large-capacity non-blocking switching architecture while offering abundant service functions. These products support SDN and 5G transport, providing carrier-grade reliability to meet the transport demands in various scenarios such as MBH, Metro-E, and FMC.


ZXCTN 9000-E products are designed to support operators in achieving optimal performance and at the same time effectively reducing network construction and O&M costs. In China Unicom's intelligent metro equipment centralized procurement 2022, the ZXCTN 9000-EA series products were utilized as core aggregation nodes, fully supporting new technologies such as high-precision clock, SRv6, and FlexE.


Moving forwarding, ZTE will continue increasing the investments in R&D to serve customers with higher-quality routers, accelerate digital transformation of enterprises, and help the digital economy to thrive.


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