ZTE collaborates with China Telecom Shaanxi and China Telecom Research Institute to pioneer industry-first 50G PON + FTTR-B all-optical campus network

Release Time:2024-06-06
  • ZTE, in conjunction with China Telecom Shaanxi and China Telecom Research Institute, has built the industry's first "50G PON + FTTR-B" all-optical campus network
  • The solution features several industry firsts, including using China Telecom Research Institute's MPM module, and utilizing an FTTR-B main ONT that has a 50G PON uplink port


Xi'an, China, 6 June 2024 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions,  has announced its partnership with China Telecom Shaanxi and China Telecom Research Institute in employing the "three-mode 50G PON + FTTR-B" solution to establish the industry’s first high-quality digital campus network at Xi'an Medical Technology Vocational School. Delivering "50G to the campus and 10G to the classroom," this project advances the integration of next-generation 50G PON optical access network technology with higher education networks, setting a benchmark for the long-term evolution and upgrade of campus networks nationwide.


The success of this commercial deployment indicates that China Telecom is at the forefront of exploration and application of 50G PON technology. It also exemplifies China Telecom Shaanxi's active response to the requirements to comprehensively build the foundation for "Optical-Network Shaanxi," solidify the basis for "Digital Shaanxi," and construct a new type of information infrastructure that is high-speed, ubiquitous, intelligent, green, secure, and reliable.


Xi'an Medical Technology Vocational School is located within the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in the Huyi District of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.


As the leading service provider for the "Optical-Network Shaanxi" initiative, China Telecom Shaanxi constantly explores new technologies and solutions. It collaborated with China Telecom Research Institute and ZTE in formulating an all-optical network solution based on "three-mode 50G PON + FTTR-B" technology to create a high-quality digital campus network characterized by "all-optical high speed, ultimate experience, extensive coverage, simple deployment, and easy maintenance." This network achieves 10G all-optical access and 1G Wi-Fi coverage across the campus, with voice, data, video, and other services delivered over a single fiber, meeting the high user concurrency and high bandwidth demands of college settings, and providing ample and stable bandwidth for AR/VR teaching and distance education.


The "three-mode 50G PON + FTTR-B" solution includes several industry-first innovations.


First, it uses China Telecom Research Institute's Multi-PON Module (MPM) module, which allows multiple generations of optical access technology to coexist and evolve towards 50G PON.


Second, the solution utilizes an FTTR-B main ONT that has a 50G PON uplink port and up to eight FTTR 2.5G/10G combo downlink ports. This increases access rates for applications like video teaching, gaming, and entertainment by five times, supports seamless roaming, and completely eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks in high-concurrency campus network scenarios.


Third, the solution employs a new Power over Fiber (PoF) solution to address the difficulties in powering Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) in the campus. A optical-electric hybrid cable is used to connect services from the main ONT and provide remote power supply for the APs. The PoF solution also has functions such as short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection to ensure power supply safety. Additionally, the solution employs an on-site rapid termination scheme using a Subscriber Connector (SC) compliant with China Telecom's enterprise standard and utilizes a China Telecom-invented indoor/outdoor connector box for photoelectric composited cables to achieve efficient network deployment.


Fourth, the solution uses China Telecom Research Institute's self-developed management platform, the Industrial PON Self-Service Platform (iPON-SSP), simplifying operations and maintenance and enhancing the intelligent operation capabilities of the campus network.


The commercial deployment of the "three-mode 50G PON + FTTR-B" solution by China Telecom Shaanxi effectively promotes the deep integration of the 50G PON industry and commercial scenarios, marking an epochal milestone in the development of 50G PON technology.


Moving forward, this solution can be replicated and promoted in sectors such as hospitals, hotels, and airports to accelerate the digital transformation of various industries. ZTE will continue to work with China Telecom Shaanxi to advance the commercialization of 50G PON technology, explore its commercial value across different sectors, and drive the high-quality development of new-quality productive forces across industries.


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