ZTE Launches the First Smart VCS Worldwide

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada –June 18, 2014 –Today ZTE, one of the leading telecommunications companies worldwide and fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in the United States, introduced the first ever smart visual collaboration solution at Infocomm –the foremost video communications conference. ZTE is leading a new era of VCS, transforming “functional VCS” to “smart VCS.” ZTE’s smart VCS terminal features open architecture, a unified platform that supports fast integration of third-party applications, and customized value-added services to smoothly interconnect with various applications such as Skype and Lync.


Technology integration, rapid development of video code, cloud computing and mobile Internet has helped launch the popularity of video communication among large enterprises and industries, SMEs and mobile workers.  Due to the closed nature of traditional VCS, it cannot adapt to today’s requirements for technologies and market integration. ZTE’s smart VCS will help transform  the industry from independence and closure to openness and integration.  


At Infocomm, ZTE launched its smart TelePresence integration solution for the first time, whose high integration has solved the requirement of the user for communication. As the first type of smart TelePresence product that has multiple types of built-in software, this system supports the built-in office software, local office services, and e-whiteboards. Without any accessories such as externally-configured gateway, the system can realize the interconnection with Skype, GTalk, Sametime, Lync, WeChat and other IM software. The smart TelePresence system can also provide secure and convenient ways of sharing the data, directly storing and accessing the public and private cloud resources and conveniently sharing the information. With the help of openness and integration of the smart TelePresence system, any 3rd party can, according its own requirement, customize various value-added services integrated with the TelePresence system rather than depend on the original vendor. Therefore, TelePresence will enter an open, integrated, and diversified “smart” era. 


“The smart terminal will lead the VCS to the era of openness and integration with more development potentials, allowing the user to use the solution more conveniently,” said Qian Min, Product GM of ZTE’s Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C), “ZTE will be glad to cooperate with all UC&C vendors to more efficiently serve more enterprises and realize smart communication by using smart technologies.”


ZTE, as the world-leading ICT solution provider and among the top 3 VCS and terminal providers worldwide, has started the R&D of video conferencing since 1994, providing various VCS products and solutions including the VCS platform, the conference room terminal, the individual terminal, the integrated TelePresense to meet diversified requirements of its customers. Since 2013, ZTE has launched the first VCS terminal that supports H.265, the first overall view T900 that supports the four-channel HD 1080P60 in the industry. Currently, ZTE has put hundreds of thousands of VCS products into commercial use, serving many operators and industry users around the world.


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