ZTE GSM-R Products Achieve EIRENE Certificate from TUV Rheinland

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26 April 2012, Shenzhen, ChinaZTE Corporation (“ZTE”), a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions has announced that its generation SDR-based GSM-R products have passed European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network (EIRENE) certification and achieved the certificate from TÜV Rheinland, which is a global leader in independent inspection and certification service. The achievement not only indicates the maturity, stability and reliability of ZTE GSM-R products but also showcases that ZTE’s GSM-R products are suitable for the European global railway communication market.


ZTE’s GSM-R system (GSM for Railways) is a comprehensive digital mobile communication system specially designed for railway communication. It provides location and feature-based addressing on the basis of advanced speech call items regulated in GSM Phase 2+ such as group calls, broadcast calls, multiple priorities and forced disconnection, effectively satisfying railway requirements including high-speed railways.


The test was performed in TUV Rheinland (Shanghai) between ZTE GSM-R and railway terminal (specifically, Sagem’s handheld mobile station and Funkwerk’s vehicle-held mobile station – both have passed EIRENE certification and received European railway recognition). Taking five months to complete, the result shows that the features and performance of ZTE’s GSM-R system fully comply with European EIRENE rules.


With outstanding compatibility features; the product can smoothly connect with products from other vendors, meeting all necessary requirements in railway communication including shunting mode.


"Railway communication requires high levels of security and reliability due to the nature of business.” ZTE GU Product General Manager, Mr. Pu Yingchun said, “Based on the deep understanding of railway communication and global mature SDR BTS commercialization, ZTE provides a leading solution that is highly secure and reliable and works exceptionally well in a high-speed mobile environment providing global railway operators with professional communication and dispatching services which are key to functionality.”


ZTE’s GSM-R system has been trialed in Ural, Russia, and has passed testing on Russian Railways.




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