ZTE Announces Smart Terminal Strategy Aiming At the Middle-to-High-End Markets

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14 February 2011, ShenzhenZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, announced its smart terminal strategy at Mobile World Congress 2011, outlining the company's product roadmap and new direction toward the middle to high-end markets. Under the strategy, ZTE will accelerate its expansion of the smart devices portfolio with its latest smartphones, tablets, and Internet TV box devices, in order to build a comprehensive Smart Information Platform to cater to individual, family and business users.


Smart Terminal Strategy

The smart terminal strategy signifies ZTE's accelerated move to embrace the middle-to-high-end markets, while demonstrating its commitment to offering an entire range of star products in the smart device market. The product portfolio will span from smart personal devices to smart home and business products. Currently very few companies in the industry can offer smart products in all three categories.


Speaking on the company's smart terminal strategy, ZTE EVP He Shiyou said: "We believe that the key to making the mobile Internet widely available is to lower the entry threshold and make the mobile Internet highly portable on the one hand, while enriching personalized contents and apps at the same time."


Mr He believes that ZTE can leverage its entrenched advantage and experience with in-depth service customization to enable operators to build user loyalty.


"ZTE's smart strategy is to attract more users to join the mobile Internet family with open and tailor-made apps, a rich variety of products, and a higher performance/price ratio. We believe that in the smart terminal world created by ZTE, you can always find what you want," he said. 


Aiming towards Middle to High-end Markets

The latest IDC report shows that ZTE was among the top five in the world in terms of the sales volume of handsets in 2010. According to analysts, ZTE's previous terminal strategy focusing on middle-to-low-end products obviously no longer fits with the current competition landscape and the company's own position in the industry.


ZTE, with its dominant presence in the smart terminal arena and deep understanding of smart technologies trends, has been increasing its investment in this field. In the last two years, it has become a mainstream player in the global smart terminals markets with the introduction of star products including the first WM6.5 smartphone, Bluebelt 2, the Blade Android smartphone, and the Light tablet PC. The great performance of the Blade in high-end markets including Europe and Japan has also proved its operational ability in the smart products market.


Smart terminal devices at MWC 2011

ZTE is showcasing an entire range of smart terminal products to the industry at this year's Mobile World Congress, including the Skate Android smartphone with its 4.3-inch super-large screen, the Amigo Android slide-cover phone specifically designed for young and fashionable users who like social networking; the Blade Android smartphone and the Brew MP handset, the F952, which is based on the WAC (Wholesale Applications Community) standard, as well as the Rugged Blade which incorporates "three proof" (dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof) functionality.


ZTE also showcased the Light series tablet PCs – including the 7 inch Light which is popular in Europe, Australia, and Russia, the Light 2 which will be the first tablet that uses the Pixel Qi's sunlight-readable liquid crystal screen and DOLBY sound system technology, and the Light 10-inch, which features a faster processor, supports Android 3.0 and will be launched in Q3 2011.


In addition, with the Internet TV Box, ZTE is able to integrate TV as a consumer electronics product for home use into the camp of smart terminal products as it uses multiple Internet access modes including 3G, HSPA+ and WiFi to make it a novel integrated terminal combining Web surfing, HD movies, video calls, gaming, and DLNA at the same time.






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