TISCALI and ZTE partner for Ultra Broadband Network in Sardinia

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Tiscali and ZTE have entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the aim of fostering the development of ultra-wide broadband in Italy, starting with the deployment of an FTTH network in Sardinia


Roma, Cagliari, 7 October 2010. Tiscali, one of the main independent telecommunication companies in Italy, and ZTE, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, have signed a strategic framework agreement with the aim of fostering the extension of ultra-wide broadband in Italy, starting with the development of an FTTH network in Sardinia.


This important agreement has been signed today by Renato SORU, Tiscali CEO and by Fan Qingfeng, Executive VP and Head of Global Sales of ZTE, on behalf of Shi Lirong, ZTE Corporation CEO, at Villa Madama in the presence of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao who is visiting high level Italian government officials to discuss the main issues at the basis of the intense relationship of over 40 years between Italy and Chine, in the field of economy, trade, environment and technology.


The partnership between ZTE and Tiscali will include collaboration from a technology and trade/financial standpoint to evaluate, study and design next generation services that Tiscali can provide to its customer base.


In the first phase of the project Tiscali and ZTE will implement a fiber optic network in Sardinia, taking advantage of the ongoing work for the local gas network in the extended Cagliari area, which includes over 50 thousand lines of LLU (Local Loop unbundling) coverage.


This project, designed both by Tiscali and ZTE, will be inserted into the context of the other licenced operators in Italy that are on the frontline asking government and institutions to establish a fiber optic network.


Renato SORU, Tiscali CEO, said: "We have found in ZTE a high level company both as a technology and network solutions supplier and as a visionary partner, able to identify our customers' future needs and to design today with us the answers to those needs. Our country cannot afford either the lack of next generation network infrastructure or delays due to ongoing discussions. That is why we confirm our commitment to reach the ultimate goal of setting up in Italy a broadband network that will place the country among the most advanced in the world. We are working with ZTE with the aim of setting up a network open to all the operators and that we hope it will be part of the wider national network."


Shi Lirong, ZTE Corporation CEO, stated: "I apologize for not being present, due to an unexpected inconvenience. I would however like to state my belief that innovative and ambitious operators like Tiscali represent the future for Europe. The technological innovation that has always distinguished ZTE combines perfectly with Tiscali's vision of a country with advanced telecommunications services. I'm very proud that ZTE can collaborate with Tiscali for the creation of an FTTH network in Sardinia, and I hope it will be the first step of a long and fruitful partnership."




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