ZTE Tops the Global CDMA Market with a 30% Market Share

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18 Aug 2010, Shenzhen, ChinaZTE Corporation (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has been ranked as the leading vendor of CDMA BTS by IDC.


IDC's 2010 Global CDMA Market and Prospects research note said that by Q1 2010, ZTE had shipped an accumulated total of over 250,000 base stations, allowing the Chinese company to claim the No. 1 spot in the CDMA market with a global share of 30.3%.


As one of a few companies in the world that still makes large-scale inputs into CDMA technology, ZTE understands the importance of the CDMA market. ZTE is the first vendor in the industry to launch the CDMA/LTE dual mode system which will be able to achieve a smooth upgrading of future networks before evolving into a commercial LTE system.


Li Jian, General Manager for CDMA & LTE products at ZTE, said: "The evolution from CDMA to LTE is not something which can be achieved overnight. The networks of the two systems must therefore meet high connectivity and interoperability requirements. By providing comprehensive product offerings for both CDMA and GSM networks, we help operators handle concurrent operation of two or more networks. This is why we have won recognition from all leading operators in the world."


ZTE has also steadily enhanced its overall competitiveness of its CDMA products. It has consolidated its lead in the key emerging markets of China, Indonesia and India, and made breakthroughs in North America. In the Chinese market in 2010, ZTE has undertaken over 80% of the work to migrate Nortel and Motorola CDMA equipment. Following this seamless transition, network performance has been greatly improved. ZTE has therefore won recognition from China Telecom for its outstanding engineering control, execution and delivery abilities in the migration process.


"ZTE's strength in CDMA does not stop at pricing and commitment," commented Godfrey Chua, Research Manager at IDC. "The company is increasingly known for its innovations and efforts to push the technology forward."


By the first quarter of 2010, ZTE's CDMA products were used by more than 120 operators in over 70 countries with an accumulated wireless capacity of 250 million lines.


A total of four trial and commercial EV-DO Rev.B networks were deployed worldwide including the world's first commercial EV-DO Rev. B network in Indonesia. Meanwhile, ZTE has also cooperated with seven top-tier operators worldwide to deploy commercial LTE networks and almost 50 trial networks in Europe, America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.



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