ZTE Successfully Tests End-to-end WiMAX and IMS System at GMI 2008

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Interoperability Tests Help ZTE Demonstrate Compatibility, Flexibility and Stability of its Next Generation Network Solutions 


18 December 2008, Shenzhen, China - ZTE, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced its successful participation in the GMI 2008 (Global MSF Interoperability) event held by the MSF (MultiService Forum) to advance the development of next generation networks (NGN).

ZTE provided its next-generation equipment to the test sites of some of the world’s leading global operators located in UK, China and USA, working closely with the operators and participating vendors to verify its end-to-end WiMAX plus IMS, IPTV and TD-SCDMA technologies in six network test scenarios defined by the MSF.

“During GMI 2008, ZTE successfully managed and installed an extremely complex telecommunications solution, meeting MSF’s detailed specifications and aggressive timescales, proving once again its position as a leading provider of global communications solutions and reinforcing its credibility in Western Europe. Equally important, ZTE has established long-lasting relationships that will help industry-wide interoperability,” said Kevin Qi, Managing Director of ZTE UK.

The tests focused on ZTE’s end-to-end WiMAX plus IMS system, including WiMAX Macro and Pico cells and an IMS core network. With this system, ZTE demonstrated successful interoperability with other vendors’ IMS core network solutions, as well as various access technologies, such as WiMAX, broadband, 3GPP2 and 3GPP - including Chinese-developed technology TD-SCDMA. The tests involved various scenarios, including VoIP, roaming, IMS-based IPTV and location-based services.

One of the highlights of GMI 2008 is that ZTE provided the converged resource control platform, ZXUN RCP- the only QoS equipment that supports both the Policy and Charging Control (PCC) and Resource and Admission Control Subsystem (RACS) architectures defined by 3GPP and TISPAN respectively - successfully completing the verification of dynamic QoS scenarios.

“China Mobile is satisfied with the success of GMI 2008 at its site," said Jiang Yi, site manager of China Mobile. "Interoperability is one of the keys to the large-scale deployment of IMS. Based on the IMS and TD-SCDMA network provided by ZTE, China Mobile successfully verified many critical scenarios in the IMS field, like roaming, QoS and TD-SCDMA accessing IMS core – these tests have been conducted inside and outside of China Mobile’s site.”

GMI 2008 is a worldwide multi-vendor interoperability test environment organised by the MSF, where critical next-generation network elements are verified in practical scenarios. The tests aim to provide equipment vendors the opportunity to validate key service concepts that leverage an IMS/NGN infrastructure. Verification trials took place from October 20-31, spanning several worldwide locations that include the United States, United Kingdom and China.

“We are delighted that ZTE has taken this opportunity to put its products to an exhaustive, real world test at GMI 2008. What’s unique about this event is the way MSF members have collaborated to define six networked test scenarios that address key aspects of NGN evolution of practical interest to major carriers,” said Roger Ward, MSF President.

Previously, ZTE successfully participated in the GMI 2006 at Verizon’s lab, which focused on fixed mobile convergence supporting the IMS service framework.

About the MSF

The MultiService Forum is a global association of service providers and system suppliers committed to developing and promoting open architecture, multiservice networks Founded in 1998, the MSF is an open membership organisation comprised of the world's leading telecommunications companies. The MSF's activities include developing Implementation Agreements, promoting worldwide compatibility and interoperability, and encouraging input to appropriate national and international standards bodies. For more information about the MSF and its members, visit the MSF web site at http://www.msforum.org/

About GMI 2008

GMI 2008 – the Global MSF Interoperability event – will link major carrier, government, and academic labs on three continents in a major demonstration of multi-vendor interoperability between a significant number of NGN elements supporting Implementation Agreements developed in support of the MSF Release 4 Architecture and practical deployment scenarios of interest to major carriers. GMI 2008 will be held from October 20-31, 2008. http://www.msforum.org/interoperability/GMI.shtml

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