ZTE Broadband Universal Access system Wins 'Best Green Innovation' Award in London, 2008

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Apr. 29 2008, ZTE's broadband access product ZXDSL FSAP 9806H received"Best Green Innovation" Award in SOFNET high-end forum organized by IEC in London. SOFNET forum, which is held by British Telecom (BT), is a pageant of network and software in 2008 and the exhibitors include all European mainstream operators, telecom equipment providers and software developers. In the fierce competition with the products of the other providers, ZTE's broadband access product  ZXDSL FSAP 9806H showed its outstanding advantages such as low power consumption, low OPEX, low noise, high reliability and high integration, and won the top prize — "Best Green Innovation" in telecom industry.

In the European broadband forum in Germany Oct. 2007, ZTE's "ZXA10 C220+ZXDSL 9806H Universal Technical Solution" won the "InfoVision Technology Innovation Award" issued by IEC, showing the leading position of ZTE in the field of broadband access technology. With the development of telecommunication, operators are more and more interested in worldwide energy saving and environmental protection. "Energy Saving and Environmental Protection" will be the key index to evaluate the product in telecom industry. In order to meet the requirements of the operators for green network, ZTE keeps promoting and perfecting the green and environmental protection solution, takes energy saving and environmental protection as company improvement strategy and pays much attention to the construction of green network and the application of environmental protection & energy saving technology.

ZTE's broadband universal access system has been applied in the capacity of 35 million lines in more than 40 countries and regions all over the world, including Sweden, Italy, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, India, Turkey and Indonesia etc, and ranks Top 3 among global DSLAM providers. According to the report of Gartner 2007, the global sales achievement of ZTE DSL keeps increasing and ZTE has become the DSL equipment providers which improves grows fastest in the world broadband industry.

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