ZTE Implements New Technology for 911 Emergency Service in Uruguay

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17 January 2008, Buenos Aires - ZTE Corporation ("ZTE"), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, announced today that the company has signed an agreement with the Interior Ministry of Uruguay to implement a technological system that will allow unifying all emergency calls to 911 and deviate directly to the Police, the National Direction of Firemen and National Direction of Walking Police.

The high technology system targets to improve the communication capacities to provide a more efficient service in public service matters.

The informatic packet is conformed by a wireless system with WiMax technology that will allow the interconection of high speed between offices of the Interior Ministry, the access of data of people with antecedents, vehicle identification, and the installation of cameras in streets, parks and Montevideo stadiums.  This project also includes prison management that contemplates installation of a control system for administrative areas and internal vigillance in the detention centers.

Once concluded the installation of the terminals, in February, ZTE Corporation will commence the training of the personnel of the Interior Ministry that will use the new technology.  It is estimated that in one year, after the training, most part of the system will be operative.  This project reports to the company a business for 12 million dollars.

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