ZTE Inks Power Supply Purchase Agreement with Telekom Malaysia

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25 October 2007, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation ("ZTE"), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, continues to clinch major deals in the international telecom market.  The company today announced another significant customer win, inking a power supply purchase agreement with Telekom Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia's leading carriers.  This is a major milestone for ZTE being the first China provider to seal a power supply deal and penetrate into the Malaysia market.  Under the agreement, ZTE will provide 70% of the purchase order for power products. 

The deal calls for ZTE to supply telecom equipment such as mixed-base station power system, and embedded power systems,  in line with Telekom Malaysia's goal of  improving their fixed-line telecom business to keep pace with the rapid and dynamic development in the local market.  With ZTE's customized services, Telecom Malaysia will be able to create market distinction for its services on top of achieving reliability and stability.  The power supply partnership with Telekom Malaysia further shows ZTE's strong commitment in establishing strategic collaboration with international high-end providers.

"It is indeed a great opportunity to be the first Chinese company to forge a partnership with a Malaysian carrier company as large as Telekom Malaysia," said <ZTE spokesperson>.  "Our outstanding performance in technical testing validates our capability in power supply system, and we are committed to be part of the drive to further sustain the growth of Malaysia's telecom market.  With our regional R&D hub in Malaysia for the Southeast Asia market, we are confident that we'll provide reliable and quality power supply systems to our customers in the region."

Malaysia is among the well-developed nations in Southeast Asia with a rapidly growing and robust economy over the last decade, and has one of most competitive telecom markets in the region.  Telekom Malaysia currently ranks 37th in the world, making it one of the most influential service providers in Southeast Asia.  Domestically, it is positioned as the biggest fixed-line telecom provider and the second largest mobile telecom provider in the country.  It has also established cross-country telecom business and presence in key areas in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, among others. 

ZTE is one of the mainstream providers of power supply equipment that meet and pass CE certification standards adhered by the communications power supply industry.  ZTE's solely owns the intellectual property rights for al these products.  Today, ZTE's power supply products are being widely used by service providers and carries in more than 120 countries and regions including Asia, South Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa. 

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