ZTE releases Smart IP Solution at ITU Telecom World

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Smart Network Architect Rebuilding IP Value Chain

Hong Kong, November 29, 2006 - ZTE, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, is launching the intelligent IP network management system, ZTE Smart IP, at ITU Telecom World 2006 in Hong Kong.

The ZTE Smart IP solution is a network management system that enables carriers to transition from being traditional telecoms carriers to integrated information service providers, placing the emphasis on delivery of multiple IP services rather than network capacity.

Smart IP rebuilds the IP value chain by evolving the IP multi-service bearer network to being an IP multi-service bearer control platform which helps carriers optimise the delivery of services.

Smart IP can manage service quality and individual users' experience while changing the traditional telecommunications service to a managed IP platform, helping carriers to differentiate themselves strongly in the open and competitive IP platform market. 

Smart IP focuses on three key areas to rebuild the IP value chain: more precise resource allocation; flexible resource scheduling; and the provision of brand-new services.

Using ZTE's DPI technology to sense the services being delivered, Smart IP can identify resource demand right down to the level of an individual user and the application being used, and then manage the provision of bandwidth to ensure the optimum delivery of services to all users. 

The resource policy control system, based upon an RACS architecture, manages the services. It constantly adjusts policies dynamically according to the immediate network situation, to optimise the delivery of services. The intelligent service control system can manage thousands of different services and requirements simultaneously to satisfy carrier requirements for constant system flexibility.

The ZTE Smart IP solution can manage large volumes of services within existing systems so that major investments in capacity expansion are not required. With the ability to constantly identify services and control their provision, carriers can classify services based on the quality required and offer differentiated services based on provision quality levels. This also means that carriers can enable users to subscribe to services according to specified service levels.

The ZTE Smart IP system solves a major issue for enterprise CIOs by creating an integrated and simple information platform. The system makes a network clever, providing a platform for delivering multiple voice, data and video services such as VOIP, integrated enterprise wired/wireless solutions and Any to Any solutions are managed and operated together in a single system.

ZTE believes that the Smart IP system will lower carriers' costs for delivering the IP chain, with a simple and fully integrated solution.

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ZTE Corporation
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