ZTE Bags Major Value Added Services Contracts in China

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Chinese Telecoms look to a value-added future

ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider, announced today that it has signed supply contracts with China Unicom for a wireless application protocol (WAP) gateway and multi-media messaging (MMS) service, and with China Telecom to supply a service access gateway (SAG).  These are the latest developments in a series of recent contracts which has seen ZTE working closely with China Unicom and China Telecom to improve China's value-added infrastructure.

Under the terms of the agreement with China Unicom, ZTE will construct a multi-media messaging centre, and a WAP network platform which will cover 19 provinces in China.

"Following the popularisation of text messaging services (SMS), we believe MMS and WAP services will become the fastest growing profit points in the Chinese market. With over 6000TPS processing ability, ZTE's WAP network gateway can support a large capacity network, which will greatly improve the speed of the service provider to process the multi-media message service," said Mr. KanYuLun, general manager of ZTE's VAS product.

In a separate agreement with China Telecom, ZTE has agreed to supply an SAG, one of the core products of 3G, and SAG routers to China Telecom. SAGs are key elements in enabling operator profit growth in the forthcoming 3G era.

"ZTE'S SAG is designed to support China Telecom's value-added services and third party service applications. Once the SAG been put into practice, China Telecom's customers will be able to enjoy the diversified and sophisticated value-added services provided by content providers and service providers," said Mr. KanYuLun.

ZTE's Anyservice value-added services suite provides a wide range of applications for GSM, CDMA, PHS, PSTN, 3G and NGN networks. It provides comprehensive and customised solutions for operators around the world. To date, ZTE has four R&D centres working on Anyservice development and Anyservice solutions have been implemented in over 50 countries for more than 60 networks.

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