ZTE Announces Breakthroughs in Single-Wavelength 50G PON and Big-Video Transmission

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16 March 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet,today unveiled a new-generation architecture solution for single-wavelength 50G-PON bi-directional symmetrical transmission and  an industry-first big video transmission solution that was tested on the basis of commercial G-PON technology at the 43rd edition of the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) recently held at the San Diego Convention Center, California, USA.

With the research breakthroughs, ZTE is currently able to provide solutions and transmission standards-compliant new technologies for next-generation high-speed PON access.  

The two crucial achievements released at OFC 2018 signify ZTE's outstanding contributions to the development of NG-PON technology. Using PAM-4 high-order modulation and advanced digital signal processing algorithms, ZTE completed the validation of the industry's first bi-directional symmetrical single-wavelength 50G-PON solution that enables PR30 power budget. As a major direction in the evolution of NG-PON technology, single-wavelength high-speed PON has a simple transceiving structure and is easy to operate and maintain.

ZTE is a leader in single-wavelength research, and the 50G-PON solution it launched this time is considered highly competitive by the industry. At OFC 2018, ZTE also conducted the industry's first test of high-quality 4K/VR big video real-time transmission based on commercial G-PON technology. Along with the test, ZTE introduced a future-proof PON transmission solution that employs fine granular bandwidth allocation to enable high-bandwidth and low-latency services including 4K/8K/AR/VR.

Dr Zhang Junwen, an expert in access networks at ZTE, was selected into the subcommittee for the N4 submission topic category "Optical Access Networks for Fixed and Mobile Services" for OFC 2019 during the event, and Dr Wei Junshan was selected as the 2020 N Track programe chair.

As a leader in the PON field, ZTE has been committed to constant innovations and     the development and application of PON technology in conjunction with the up/downstream of the industrial chain.   In 2016, ZTE launched TITAN, the first new-generation integrated optical access platform in the industry oriented toward 100G PON evolution. In 2017, ZTE unveiled a 4-wavelength 100G symmetrical prototype that complies with the latest standards. A recent report from research firm IHS shows that, in terms of the market share, ZTE is a top 2 vendor for fixed access products and ranks No. 1 in the 10G PON segment.

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