Hu Junjie of ZTE: Brightening up a new optical era

Release Time:2022-10-21

21 October 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, today announced that Hu Junjie, General Manager of Wireline Marketing at ZTE Corporation, has delivered a keynote speech titled “Brightening up new optical era” at Network X 2022, held by Informa in Amsterdam Netherlands, sharing ZTE's perspectives and practice in the development, deployment and evolution of optical network. 


“With the advent of the post-pandemic era, digital transformation, production efficiency improvement and transaction efficiency enhancement have become new buzzwords,” said Mr. Hu. “In this environment, it is necessary to take the advantages of optical communications to allow people to enjoy the convenience brought by development of technologies. We tend to focus on three key areas in the evolution of optical network: wider and deeper connectivity, better user experience, and a sustainable ecosystem.”


In terms of connectivity, the continuous improvement in bandwidth capabilities will lay a solid network foundation for the entire digital economy. As Moore’s Law nears its physical limits, in the post-Moore's law era, advancements in chip manufacturing processes and circuit designs still offer strong support for the upgrades of optical bandwidth. Optical access will enter into the 50G PON age, while optical transmission will evolve to the new era of 400G-1.2T. Meanwhile, network infrastructure is showing a clear trend that the copper cables are being transformed into fiber cables. With fiber being pushed from central offices to end users,  access to optical networks anytime anywhere is becoming a reality. As technology advances, bandwidth increases provides higher speed for end users. Optical networks are extending further into homes and expanding to industry verticals to create more value.


In terms of user experiences, autonomous network technologies deliver more intelligence and lower operating expenditure (OPEX) for optical networks throughout the network lifecycle from planning, construction, maintenance to optimization. ZTE has worked with operators to implement much innovative practice. Also, ZTE has integrated a network controller with the CDN(Content Distribution Network) to improve video quality, achieve dynamic scheduling, and reduce the network load. This flexible deployment improves network efficiency and accurate SLA(Service Level Agreement) boosts service quality.       


In terms of the ecosystem, gigabit networks should be deployed to strengthen the broadband infrastructure and build the digital society. Networks can be built before applications and users are developed. Terminals, pipelines and cloud should be simultaneously enhanced to implement a high-quality gigabit optical network that facilitates the coordinated development of home, society, and business. For homes, FTTR(Fiber to The Room) and smart home solutions enable gigabit homes and expand home broadband applications. For society,  ZTE works with industry partners to innovate business models, promote the coordinated development of society, and bridge the digital divide. For business, ZTE empowers industry verticals by helping customer deploy all-optical networks and conduct digital transformation.


"ZTE will continue working with industry partners to make optical networks better serve the world. With higher bandwidth, users will enjoy richer experience. With wider coverage, the society will have a comprehensive digital transformation and enjoy fair Internet access. With more applications, an all-optical era will be ushered in to help cut carbon emissions and improve network efficiency,” added Mr. Hu.