ZTE and China Unicom conduct Radio Composer trial in China's national e-commerce demonstration base

Release Time:2022-01-28
ZTE and China Unicom conduct Radio Composer trial in China's national e-commerce demonstration base - ZTE Press Release

ZTE and China Unicom conduct Radio Composer trial in China's national e-commerce demonstration base

Date:2022-01-28 ZTE Click:607

28 January 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, and China Unicom have implemented a commercial trial of Radio Composer in Heze Tianhua E-commerce Industrial Park, one of China's national e-commerce demonstration bases, in China's Shandong province.

The industrial park features diversified 5G services such as mobile HD live streaming, short video and cloud gaming. The trial results show that ZTE's Radio Composer has increased the average high-quality experience duration by 30%, ensuring seamless experiencing and laying a foundation for an immersive network for the industrial park.

ZTE's Radio Composer achieves a user-specific mobility policy with accurate and flexible match of radio resources to user's service requirements, through user experience evaluation in real time, accurate prediction of user expectation on service quality in multi-layer networks, and smooth handover with measurement-free scheduling based on machine learning of historical data, which greatly improves user experiences.

"ZTE's Radio Composer provides users with innovative,smoother and more stable 5G experiences," commented Wang Peng, Deputy General Manager of the Heze Branch of China Unicom. "Now we are planning to implement large-scale deployment and application in Heze city."

Uplink experience is one of the major aspects that Radio Composer aims to improve for 5G users. The traditional mobility technologies for big uplink are not satisfactory as the uplink rate changes greatly before and after handover, and thereby may cause video freezes. ZTE’s Radio Composer, instead, leverages service requirement identification and user expectation prediction to guide users to cells with best experience before the uplink rate actually degrades, so as to maintain a stable uplink experience and offer a smooth experience of mobile HD live streaming and online gaming. Below is a figure showing the test results from the trial in Shandong:

As for big downlink, Radio Composer predicts achievable user experience accurately, keeps users staying in their current service cells as long as the user experience is acceptable, which enhances network utilization efficiency. However, with the traditional mobility technologies, the users will be switched to other service cells even when it is not necessary.

The successful trial of ZTE's Radio Composer in China Unicom’s networks in Shandong verifies the great innovation capabilities of the two companies. Moving forward, the two parties will keep working together to further improve user experiences and and empower vertical industries with 5G.