ZTE Works with China Mobile to Deploy the Largest Commercial SPN/PTN Cloud-Based OMC System

Release Time:2021-11-10
ZTE Works with China Mobile to Deploy the Largest Commercial SPN/PTN Cloud-Based OMC System - ZTE Press Release

ZTE Works with China Mobile to Deploy the Largest Commercial SPN/PTN Cloud-Based OMC System

Date:2021-11-10 ZTE Click:431

10 November 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that it has helped China Mobile deploy the largest commercial cloud-based Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC) system. With the help of ZTE's cloud-based intelligent management and control product ZENIC ONE(UME), the Guangdong branch of China Mobile has implemented the OMC system and taken over unified management and control of the SPN/PTN networks in 13 cities in China's Guangdong province, involving 180,000 equivalent NEs. 

While simplifying the management structure and improving the network maintenance efficiency in the entire province, the system radically replaces the traditional network management and pushes intelligent O&M in the 5G network era to a new level. 

As the SPN/PTN springs up, the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile decided to adopt the unified intelligent management and control system to drive the coordinated development of 4G+5G and offer agile and efficient infrastructure with leading quality and network-industry synergy. 

ZTE provides the intelligent management and control system ZENIC ONE(UME) to support centralized operation and maintenance of 300,000 equivalent NEs. The system is able to smoothly scale to manage a larger-scale network and easily control the networks in different regions. One set of ZENIC ONE(UME) can replace the original 41 sets of independent management & control subsystems on the existing network, and solve the bottleneck of information chimney to make all information work together, thus greatly improve the O&M efficiency. The subsystem consists of NM system, big data analysis system, preventive maintenance system and SPTN controller system. 

ZENIC ONE(UME) can also reduce configuration steps and increase the efficiency of PTN/SPN deployment. Meanwhile, based on the unified northbound interface, the services of the 4G PTN and 5G SPN networks in the entire province can be activated automatically. The service provisioning is changed from the traditional manual to the automatic mode, significantly improving the deployment efficiency. 

Moreover, when a single physical VM is evolving into a VM cluster system, ZENIC ONE(UME) is deployed in the cloud resource pool of China Mobile to provide the cluster disaster recovery. Providing the bottom-layer VM protection, it can further enhance system security. This cloud-based deployment also facilitates VM expansion and larger 5G network management, while enabling intensive provincial resource management and helping operators save investment. 

With the cloud native technology, ZENIC ONE boasts cloud-based features such as elastic scaling, load balancing and high reliability, offering open, centralized, automatic, and intelligent O&M capabilities. Moving forward, ZTE will deeply integrate AI into its products, and improve intelligent network O&M in 5G O&M scenarios to build more intelligent 5G networks together with the partners.