ZTE launches new-generation compact optical omni-gateway

Release Time:2021-10-14
ZTE launches new-generation compact optical omni-gateway - ZTE Press Release

ZTE launches new-generation compact optical omni-gateway

Date:2021-10-14 ZTE Click:405

14 October 2021, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that it has launched its new-generation compact metro edge ON products – the optical omni-gateway ZXMP M721 series, namely ZXMP M721 CX66A (E) and ZXMP M721 CX63A (E). 

ZXMP M721 CX63A (E) (AC)

ZXMP M721 CX63A (E) (DC)

ZXMP M721 CX66A (E) (DC)

The products, in a compact size, can support all-scenario access of 4G/5G/home broadband/enterprise/cloud services with large-capacity and unified cross connection. In addition, they are applicable to the aggregation layer and access layer of a MAN(Metro Area Network) or local network to make operators' optical network deployment flexible and efficient. 

With the large-scale deployment of 5G networks, digital transformation of the industries, network cloudification and optical networks' increasing use at access, optical networks, as important foundation of transport networks, are confronted with bigger challenges in scale, bandwidth, latency and equipment integration. 

To solve the challenges, ZTE launches the optical omni-gateway ZXMP M721 series, which features ultra-high integration. With a maximum height of 6U, the series can support a maximum of 15 service slots, effectively saving equipment footprint and power consumption and substantially reducing operators' CAPEX and OPEX. 

The series can support 80×10G/100G/200G systems, and fully satisfy the optical network bandwidth demands of new services. Besides, with a single-subrack cross-connect capacity up to 2.8T, the series supports ODUk/PKT/VC/OSU unified cross connection and services on demand. Thus, the series can implement flexible service scheduling and customer benefits optimization. Based on the key technology of OSU, the series can also support rigid isolation of fine-granularity services and quick transmission of financial services, satisfying the customers’ bandwidth demands efficiently. 

As a leading provider in the global optical network market, ZTE has been focusing on product R&D and committed to continuous innovation and optimization to lay a solid foundation in algorithms and architecture. Moving forward, ZTE will continue to follow up the development direction of the industry and team up with its operators to promote optical network development.