ZTE's BIERin6 multicast solution approved by IETF

Release Time:2021-07-15
ZTE's BIERin6 multicast solution approved by IETF - ZTE Press Release

ZTE's BIERin6 multicast solution approved by IETF

Date:2021-07-15 ZTE Click:430

15 July, 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that the BIERin6 (BIER in IPv6 Networks) multicast solution led by ZTE has been approved as Proposed Standard by the IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force).

The approval indicates that the telecommunications industry has reached an agreement on the technical principles of BIERin6, which is a key step towards commercial applications. 

In the 5G era, large-bandwidth services, such as network live streaming, multi-party conference, and IPTV live broadcasting, are booming rapidly. A growing number of users bring enormous bandwidth pressure and challenges to the networks. However, most services adopt the unicast. Therefore, with the aim of networks optimization, the multicast has become an inevitable trend. 

Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER), as a new type of multicast technology, provides simple deployment, stable network status and high service scalability, and allows operators' IP networks to provide users with flexible and controllable multicast services. Currently, BIERin6 is the best option for BIER deployment in the IPv6 networks, and also paves the way for the operators’ future IP network architecture. 

ZTE has been taking the leading position in the field of BIER multicast. In October 2017, ZTE worked out the BIERin6 solution together with its partners. After extensive and in-depth discussions, by July 2019, more vendors had become supporters. In November 2020, ZTE released the white paper on BIER Multicast solution. 

In December 2020, ZTE and the Nanjing Purple Mountain Laboratories jointly completed the first BIER multicast field trial in China, and first deployed and tested BIER multicast services in the existing network. 

Moving forward, with the end-to-end service capability of BIER and BIERin6 multicast, ZTE will be committed to the network construction of its partners in the 5G era, and accelerating the commercialization of BIER and BIERin6 multicast.