ZTE 5G SA Prime Forum Held Online

Release Time:2021-06-30
ZTE 5G SA Prime Forum Held Online - ZTE Press Release

ZTE 5G SA Prime Forum Held Online

Date:2021-06-30 ZTE Click:338

30 June 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, and GSMA have jointly held the "5G SA Prime" online forum. Mr. Zhang Xin, the General Manager of 5G Network Development and Sharing Department of China Telecom, Mr. Margherita Fulvio, Head of Radio from Wind Tre, Mr. Mario Paier, Head of Network Strategy and Technology from Hutchison Drei Austria, Peter Jarich, Head of the GSMA Intelligence, Mr. Bai Gang, the VP of ZTE corporation, Madam Tang Xue, the Vice GM of RAN product line and Jason Tu, ZTE's principle scientist of SDN/NFV solution have participated the forum and shared the 5G SA industry progress, success experience and the evolution of 5G.

As 5G SA has been widely deployed in China, SA network has shown its value in both enhancing user experience and enabling digital transformation of various industries.

Mr. Zhang Xin shared the success experience of RAN sharing by 5G SA&NSA, and pointed out a high-quality 5G network with an average 5G downlink throughput of 1G bps in big cities cannot do without continuous technical innovations. China Telecom and China Unicom's 5G networks adopted dynamic DSS, iCell, leading energy saving solution and 3D coverage solution, etc., all of these played a key role in achieving ultimate experience and empowering the industries.

Mr. Mario Paier reviewed the development of Hutchison Drei Austria 5G network, and how it grows from the field trial to the industrial 4.0 area research based on SA network. ZTE's wireless and core network equipment solutions play a key role in this journey.

Most of the carriers expect to increase their revenue through 5G enterprise markets,  and SA is what they're looking for.

Mr. Peter Jarich mentioned in his speech?that SA is at the top of the priority list. 35% operators are actively investing or committed to it and they start to deploy SA networks. The industry have now arrived, not just in the 5G era, but very close to be in the SA 5G era.

In cooperation with global carriers to develop 5G, ZTE has come up with new ideas and solutions to enhance the value of SA.

Mr. Bai Gang brings about the idea of driving 5G SA forward with ZTE "3E" vision, extension of network capabilities, enhancement of network performance and efficiency of resource utilization, will help 5G evolution develop towards a more promising future for all of consumers, industries and operators.

Madam Tang Xue gave a detailed introduction to ZTE Radio Composer, which is the industry's first intelligent orchestration radio network solution. Generally speaking, the Radio Composer can be compared with an intelligent urban traffic system, including multiple roadways such as the bus lane, the fast traffic lane and the truck lane. User orchestration features the function of guiding individual vehicles into their right lane, while the network orchestration adjusts the number of different lanes provided and the direction of the lanes in a certain time period according to the overall traffic situation.

In Jason Tu's speech, he mentioned ZTE's "All-in-One 5G Private Network" solution, which has diversified product forms, including "standard cloud-network dual cabinets", "compact cloud-network cabinet", and "single server i5GC". The solution provides a new business model for operators to explore the ToB market through network as a service (NaaS).

Moving forward, ZTE will cooperate with operators to take the innovative 5G solutions into practice, and continue to explore 5G technologies to achieve a brilliant future!