ZTE Rolls Out Two New-Gen G4X Servers

Release Time:2021-04-29
ZTE Rolls Out Two New-Gen G4X Servers - ZTE Press Release

ZTE Rolls Out Two New-Gen G4X Servers

Date:2021-04-29 ZTE Click:521

29 April 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has rolled out two new products, ZTE R5300 G4X general server and R5500 G4X large storage server at its new products conference on April 22.

The two newly-launched products, featuring ultimate performance, flexible expansion, excellent stability and reliability, and simplified O&M, will boost the digital transformation of thousands of industries with their strong computing power.

Ultimate performance: breaking the bottleneck of CPU processing power

ZTE G4X server, based on Intel's latest 3rd generation Xeon Extensible Processor, allows for a maximum of 80 cores in two channels. Designed with 16 channels and 32 memory slots, the sever increases the memory rate to 3200MT/s (mega-transfer per second) while supporting the persistent memory of the Intel OptaneTM 200 series. 

Furthermore, ZTE's G4X series server boasts four to eight built-in heterogeneous and intelligent computing acceleration engines. It is able to flexibly dispatch various heterogeneous computing power resources according to different application scenarios, thereby achieving the maximum utilization of computing power, such as CPU+GPU and CPU+FPGA. Thus, the sever can satisfy the requirements of various scenarios of artificial intelligence, image processing and industrial control and more. 

Extraordinary flexibility: adaptable to different application scenarios

ZTE G4X server, by virtue of the remarkable modular design and the unified software platform, has flexible expansion capabilities and meets differentiated requirements of diverse application scenarios through on-demand configurations. For instance, R5300 G4X can be configured with “41 2.5" disk slots” or “20 3.5" disk slots + 4 2.5" disk slots” to offer large-capacity storage. Supporting 28 NVMe SSDs, the product uses high-speed I/O interfaces to solve the problem of slow access of hard disks in traditional solutions. It can also be configured with a maximum of eight T4 GPUs or four A100 GPUs to achieve the ultimate heterogeneous computing power. 

Strong stability: promising service continuity

ZTE G4X server inherits the "CT" gene of ZTE’s servers and adheres to carrier-class high standards and zero defect in the whole process of design, production, test and inspection. Compared with the previous generation of servers, the new-generation servers are optimized in terms of main board, power supply module and heat dissipation.For instance, heat dissipation performance of the main board is improved due to the symmetrical design. Its on-demand air volume allocation strengthens the heat dissipation capability by 30%. The power supply module, outside of the heat shadow area, reduces the operating environment temperature of the power supply by 5 degrees, which further greatly enhances the operating stability and reliability of the power supply module. Meanwhile, the intelligent heat dissipation management system helps monitor the temperature of each key component in real time, adjusts the running speed of fans, and reduces vibration and noise.   

Intelligent management: promoting the efficiency of O&M

Through intelligent NM Uniview and automatic O&M suite Unikits, ZTE G4X server implements remote, automatic and intelligent O&M, greatly improving the server provisioning efficiency and decreasing O&M costs. 

Uniview is a unified data center-oriented IT hardware management system, being capable of managing ZTE's servers, the third-party servers and other IT equipment simultaneously. On the basis of big data and AI, Uniview supports "black box" for fast fault location and one-key fault analysis. Through the analysis of operating performance and log data, the system can predict faults and lower the equipment failure rate. 

Unikits can implement server installation, configuration firmware upgrades, and routine check in automation, batch and long range processing, dramatically promoting the server provisioning efficiency and meeting the requirements of rapid service launch. 

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to be a "road builder" of the digital economy and enhance its three core capabilities, "product strength," "technological innovation," and "ecological cohesion", expecting to boost the digital transformation of the industries.