ZTE Wins Two Awards at Global Distributed Cloud Conference

Release Time:2021-04-21
ZTE Wins Two Awards at Global Distributed Cloud Conference - ZTE Press Release

ZTE Wins Two Awards at Global Distributed Cloud Conference

Date:2021-04-21 ZTE Click:906

21 April 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it has won the Advanced Edge Computing Technology Award and the Integrated Video Innovation Award, respectively for its Edge vCDN technology and Big Video 4.0 Premium Video Platform (PVP) solution at the Global Distributed Cloud Conference (GDCC 2021) held in Beijing, China.

ZTE's Edge vCDN technology, based on virtualization and containerization, can perform basic distribution and augmented computing on the edge, including transcoding, identifying pornographic and violent content, enhancing image quality, and VR FoV (Field of View) rendering and so on. The technology meets the growing demand for new services like UHD 4K/8K, VR/AR video and live webcast in the gigabit era.

The lightweight vCDN can be fast deployed on basic network resources, like BRAS/OLT/MEC. In accordance with network traffic changes, the vCDN is capable of flexible capacity scaling. It effectively increases the downlink rate, reduces the uplink pressure and improves the resource utilization. Backed up with the enhanced edge capabilities, the AI-based global scheduling technology can analyze key indicators, such as content popularity and QoS, on edge nodes in real time, and it achieves efficient caching of popular content and traffic balance.

Furthermore, the edge vCDN enriches the PaaS capability components of the edge cloud and completes deep integration and coordination of the content network and edge cloud platform capabilities.

ZTE's Big Video 4.0 PVP solution assists operators in consolidating their position and expanding business, actively explores video service ecosystem, and accelerates the intelligent transformation of traditional industries. The solution adopts these technologies like frame synchronization, multi-viewpoint video and 2D-to-3D video conversion, empowering the traditional videos and delivering an immersive viewing experience. 

The VR FoV technology makes it possible to play 8K VR videos on a standalone 4K VR headset. The real-time audio-video interaction technology relies on the webRTC architecture, and it can realize live broadcast with a low latency less than 300 ms, greatly improving the user experiences for interactive live online courses. 

ZTE's innovative solutions, such as vSTB, live broadcasting, and free-viewpoint video, have already been commercially launched, and the 5G Live TV solution, in particular, has been highly recognized at the test event for the Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022.            

The GDCC 2021 is a flagship technical event for distributed cloud computing. Its awards are given to innovative enterprises. These enterprises make technical breakthroughs in the fields like distributed system, edge computing and integrated services, create value for the industry, or make significant contributions to the development of innovative industrial models.