ZTE helps China Mobile deploy the intelligent management and control system to build a superior SPN network

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26 November 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has helped the Beijing branch of China Mobile commercially deploy the control plane of the ZENIC ONE (UME) intelligent management and control system on the existing SPN network, which will be able to manage thousands of 5G transport devices in 8 districts and counties in Beijing, China. 

ZENIC ONE (UME) intelligent management and control system can automatically activate services on the SPN network and allow dynamic rerouting in case of multipoint failures. The data on the existing network shows that the configuration efficiency of a single service can be increased by more than 80%, compared with traditional manual configuration, and the dynamic service recovery can reach a subsecond level with UME deployed.

ZTE’s ZENIC ONE (UME) intelligent management and control system is compliant with China Mobile’s latest northbound interface specifications, thereby effectively raising the O&M efficiency. 

After the deployment of control plane, the system offers dynamic service  rerouting, and supports the SR-TP protection and the SR-BE emergency path protection based on IGP convergence. The above three measures provide the SPN network of the Beijing branch of China Mobile with triple protection, so that the original network that cannot be automatically switched or recovered with multipoint failures is enabled to achieve  dynamic service recovery in subseconds, thereby enhancing service security and improving service recovery efficiency.

As the industry's first new-generation intelligent management and control system based on the cloud-native microservice architecture, ZTE’s ZENIC ONE (UME) and its modules such as PaaS platform, operating system (CGSL) and cloud platform (TECS) are completely developed by ZTE, to systematically ensure the safety and controllability of the products. 

ZTE’s ZENIC ONE (UME) integrates management, control, and data analysis while supporting the closed-loop capabilities of network planning, service deployment, monitoring, analysis and optimization, satisfying the requirements of centralized O&M and management of 300,000+ super-large-scale networks. It has been deployed in China Mobile's SPN networks in many provinces across the country.

Moving forward, ZTE’s ZENIC ONE (UME), e the company’s cloud-based intelligent management and control system will play a greater role in intelligent O&M and network optimization. It will build a competitive SPN network for the operator, thereby further consolidating the 5G transport foundation and boosting 5G network sustainability.

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