ZTE and China Unicom complete 800G OTN test in innovative application scenario

Release Time:2020-07-14
ZTE and China Unicom complete 800G OTN test in innovative application scenario - ZTE Press Release

ZTE and China Unicom complete 800G OTN test in innovative application scenario

Date:2020-07-14 ZTE Click:541

14 July 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has completed the  800G OTN test in innovative application scenario, along with the Shandong branch of China Unicom. By virtue of larger bandwidth and better flexibility, this solution will effectively support the cloud-network synergy system.

The 800G OTN solution can increase the transmission capacity of single fiber from 8T to 48T, and improve the bandwidth by 6 times by expanding the spectrum resource and enhancing the spectral efficiency. Using C++ band instead of C band, the solution has increased the spectrum resource by 1.5 times. At the same time, compared with the traditional 100G OTN solution which occupies 50GHz wave channel spacing, the 800G solution only occupies 100GHz, improving the spectrum efficiency by 4 times. 

Moreover, the solution has applied FEC and Flex Shaping to optimize the transmission in both optical and electrical domains, thereby effectively reducing the filtering penalty, and significantly improving 800G network's transmission performance. That enables the 800G network to adapt to DCI scenarios in a more flexible manner. 

In addition, the power consumption per Gbit has been reduced by 45.8% compared to that of the 100G OTN system, so as to build more energy-saving 5G networks.

Moving forward, ZTE will closely cooperate with China Unicom to continuously explore and develop innovative technologies for 5G networks. 

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