ZTE and GSMA host 5G SA Summit 2020, jointly exploring the 5G industry development

Release Time:2020-07-02
ZTE and GSMA host 5G SA Summit 2020, jointly exploring the 5G industry development - ZTE Press Release

ZTE and GSMA host 5G SA Summit 2020, jointly exploring the 5G industry development

Date:2020-07-02 ZTE Click:729

2 July 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today has hosted 5G SA Summit 2020, in partnership with GSMA, by means of live streaming. As a programme at GSMA Thrive, industry partners, such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Ooredoo, GSMA and Tencent have attended 5G SA Summit 2020 this year. 

With the theme of “Opening a New Era of Industry”, participants have conducted in-depth discussion on the industry’s viral topics, such as, 5G SA network construction, 5G ecosystem, new 5G infrastructure construction and 5G industry innovation, sharing their great insights with each other and online audience. The Summit has provided a platform for sharing experience on SA network construction and business development strategies in China and other countries.

In the opening speech of the summit, ZTE’s Senior Vice President, Zhang Jianpeng, has pointed out that 5G SA provides operators with a large number of opportunities for the integrated development of B2C and B2B in the new era while posing various challenges. As a firm advocate and promoter of 5G SA, ZTE, underpinned with a mature end-to-end SA solution, has carried out a series of deployments and verification with various partners.

Liu Hong, Head of Technology of GSMA Greater China, has elaborated his expectation for 5G SA. In his opinion, the pace of 5G development will not stop, instead, it will become more firm. The initiation of 5G SA will also become an important milestone in the process of 5G development.

In the keynote speech session, Wei Leping, Chairman of Technology Steering Advisory Committee of China Telecom has elaborated on the latest progress of the 5G SA ecosystem. China Telecom has taken the lead to complete the SA end-to-end system function verification and interoperability test. By making full use of the coordination advantages of cloud-network-edge, China Telecom is accelerating the adaptation of 5G to vertical industries, thereby promoting 5G SA to empower vertical industries. With great focus on industry, transportation, media, health care and education, China Telecom is committed to the application of 5G SA to high-quality industries.

According to Huang Yuhong, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile, aimed at SA, has built B2B and B2C networks separately so as to achieve the convergence of 4G and 5G. Committed to the coordination of 700M, 2.6G and 4.9 GHz frequencies, the basic coverage of 700M and 4.6G frequencies, and the capacity expansion and industrial applications of 4.9G frequency, China Mobile is aimed to establish the world's largest-scale and most advanced 5G SA network.

In his speech, Miao Shouye, Director of 5G Co-construction and Sharing Working Group of China Unicom, said that China Unicom and China Telecom have completed the world's largest 3.5G NR network. Meanwhile, both parties have vigorously promoted the maturity of the 2.1G NR industry chain. With the commitment to building 5G wireless networks with sustainable operation and full competitiveness, China Unicom and China Telecom have been embracing the upcoming 5G era by means of win-win strategies.

Hans Neff, CTO Group Director of ZTE, has shared his perspective on 5G SA. He believes that 5G SA ecosystem has supported large-scale deployments. ZTE expects to help global operators explore the full potentiality of 5G by virtue of its cutting-edge 5G SA products and extensive experience in network construction. 

In addition, Luis Delgado, 5G Program Director of Orange España has shared his insights on 5G SA network construction through video interview, as representatives of ZTE’s partners in Asia and Europe. 

In 2020, 5G SA has been ready for end-to-end commercial use in terms of the maturity of standards, chipsets, terminals and networks. Global major operators have realized  the great potentiality and promising prospect of 5G SA, and started to actively promote the evolution of 5G to SA networks.

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