Statement on the Misinterpretation of ZTE's Chipsets
2020-06-20 ZTE Click:
Statement on the Misinterpretation of ZTE's Chipsets - ZTE Press Release

Statement on the Misinterpretation of ZTE's Chipsets

Date:2020-06-20 ZTE Click:2514

ZTE Corporation has noticed that recently some social media outlets have misinterpreted ZTE's 7nm chipsets large-scale production and 5nm chipsets introduction.
Some reports are inconsistent with the facts, and thereby have affected the Company's normal operation.
Now, the Company must clarify that it is not capable of producing or manufacturing chipsets, though the Company has constantly focused on the design of telecommunications chipsets in the field of chipsets design.
In terms of the design of dedicated telecommunications chipsets, the Company has more than 20 years of experience, with the full-process customized design capabilities, ranging from chipset architecture to back-end physical realization.
In terms of chipsets production and manufacturing, the Company is supported by the division of production of global industry partners.
The design and manufacturing of chipsets requires the full cooperation of the entire industry chain.Therefore, the Company has always maintained close cooperation with all parties in the industry chain to build the cornerstone of the Company's competitiveness,aimed to create value for customers.
June 20, 2020
ZTE Corporation