ZTE becomes an Executive Member of GSA
2020-03-18 ZTE Click:
ZTE becomes an Executive Member of GSA - ZTE Press Release

ZTE becomes an Executive Member of GSA

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Joins in GSA Board and commits to global mobile technology advancement and ecosystem building up
18 March 2020, Shenzhen - ZTE Corporation, the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions, recently announced that it has officially been accepted as a GSA (Global Mobile Suppliers Association) Executive Member and listed as a member of the board. ZTE will work with all GSA members to drive the evolution of IMT technology, the development of the telecom industry and the facilitation of the global ICT ecosystem.
GSA (the Global mobile Suppliers Association) is a not-for-profit industry organization representing companies across the worldwide mobile ecosystem who are engaged in the supply of infrastructure, semiconductors, test equipment, devices, applications and mobile support services. GSA actively promotes the 3GPP technology road-map – 3G; 4G; 5G – and we are a single source of information for industry reports and market intelligence. Our Members drive the GSA agenda and define the communications and development strategy for the Association.
ZTE joined GSA in 2017. The company has worked closely with other GSA members on IMT technology evolution and spectrum studies, with the devotion to build a global industrial ecosystem in the 5G era. A larger market scale means more corporate social responsibility. As a member of the UN Global Compact, ZTE applied for its GSA Executive membership in 2019. After the discussion by the GSA board members, ZTE was accepted to GSA executive member and became a member of the board.
"ZTE highly appreciates GSA's efforts and achievements in mobile communication technology and industrial ecosystem building," said Xinhui Wang, Vice President of ZTE, Head of Wireless Standards and Industrial Relations. "As a leading global supplier of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, we are pleased to continue working with all GSA members to advance further and continue to contribute to the development of the global IMT industry. "
Mr. Jianpeng Zhang, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation, said, "Since ZTE joined GSA in 2017, we have maintained close relationship with GSA, especially in the areas of IMT spectrum research and industry development. This membership upgrade has laid a solid foundation for our long-term cooperation and industry development, and I hope that GSA will continue to play the core role of suppliers in the telecom industry and work with all members to a prosperous ecosystem in the 5G and 6G era."
"There’s much talk about ‘the race to 5G’, but the reality is that while it is clearly a highly competitive market, it’s also highly collaborative,"said Joe Barrett, President, GSA. "5G doesn’t belong to one company or country; there is a whole ecosystem of regulators, vendors and operators who are working together to drive global harmonisation of spectrum, innovation in networks and devices, and new use cases for 5G in both consumer and enterprise markets. We’re delighted to welcome ZTE as a new Executive Member and look forward to continuing to build the mobile future together."