ZTE and China Mobile validate the industry’s first low-latency PON solution

Release Time:2020-02-19
ZTE and China Mobile validate the industry’s first low-latency PON solution - ZTE Press Release

ZTE and China Mobile validate the industry’s first low-latency PON solution

Date:2020-02-19 ZTE Click:947

19 February, 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK/000063,SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its low-latency PON solution has been applied by the Suzhou branch of China Mobile to indoor coverage scenarios and completed a validation on the operator’s live network in Suzhou Industrial Park. This solution, recognized as the industry’s first low-latency PON solution, is capable of carrying a new mobile indoor-distribution system. 

The validation demonstrates that the low-latency PON has reduced latency by 60 percent on average compared with regular PON. Moreover, the new mobile indoor-distribution system can deliver proper service functionality and performance. It allows both mobile and home broadband services to be connected via one fiber without interfering with each other during concurrent transmission. Therefore, the validation enables new approaches to offer deep mobile coverage and fixed-mobile converged access in various scenarios, including homes, offices, shops, hotels and schools.      

ZTE’s low-latency PON solution is based on ZTE’s TITAN OLT platform and innovative low-latency ONU product. The solution employs latency reduction technologies, such as short-period Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA), Fixed Bandwidth Allocation (FBA), quiet windows, and intensive bursts, to shrink the maximum lag to one-sixth of the previous levels. Therefore, the PON system can offer not only high bandwidth but also lower latency, to meet the requirements of diverse scenarios, including 4K/8K/VR/gaming, fixed-mobile dual-gigabit broadband, industrial internet, and dedicated enterprise line.   

Moving forward, ZTE will optimize the low-latency PON solution and further cooperate with China Mobile in the field of 5G+FTTH/O dual-gigabit access.

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