ZTE takes the lead in proposing self-evolution network to help China Unicom build a CUBE-Net 2.0+ network

Release Time:2019-06-27
ZTE takes the lead in proposing self-evolution network to help China Unicom build a CUBE-Net 2.0+ network - ZTE Press Release

ZTE takes the lead in proposing self-evolution network to help China Unicom build a CUBE-Net 2.0+ network

Date:2019-06-27 ZTE Click:290

27 June 2019, Shanghai, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a leading provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today shared its insights on self-evolution network , with You Yan, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, delivering a keynote speech "AI Empowers Network Evolution" at CUBE-AI, Future Intelligence-China Unicom Network AI Platform and Innovation Technology Conference during MWC Shanghai 2019.

 In this speech, You Yan introduced the concept of self-evolution network and proposed to achieve network evolution with the principle of hierarchical close-loop, hierarchical evolution, and modularization of AI capabilities, thereby helping China Unicom build an intelligent, agile, intensive and open CUBE-Net 2.0+ network.

Based on the idea of self-evolution network, ZTE provides uSmartNet solution to help operators achieve the intelligent transformation of the network by adopting hierarchical close-loop principle to construct intelligent network systems at network element level, single domain level and cross domain level. The modularized AI capabilities can be introduced to all levels of the network, including the network element level, the management and control level, and the operation level, so as to build up a self-evolution network, which can evolve its capabilities step by step with continuous accumulation of network value.

Meanwhile, ZTE has outlined the goal and path of network evolution, aiming at liberating manpower, as the automation capability is gradually improved. Thus, the end-to-end network management and operation capabilities are continuously improved, with the gradual introduction of AI capabilities from network element to sub-net, and then expand to the whole network.

According to Yan You, ZTE has been focusing on AI and continuously making strategic investments in the AI field. By virtue of the full-stack AI capabilities, ZTE can provide operators, vertical industries and customers with the unified AI/big data platform. 

In terms of AI framework, ZTE provides the unified development and deployment architecture that can support mainstream deep learning and machine learning frameworks. ZTE has also strengthened the key technologies, such as parallel training optimization and reasoning model optimization through independent R&D. 

In terms of AI algorithm components, ZTE has formed over 100 algorithm models in the telecommunications field, based on its in-depth understanding of the telecommunications network. 

In the aspect of AI application components, ZTE’s AI platform can support all scenarios, including network AI applications, vertical industrial applications and terminal applications.

ZTE and China Unicom have conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of network intelligence. In addition, ZTE and China Unicom have jointly accomplished several white papers on innovative technologies, such as "White Paper on Intelligent MEC", "White Paper on Network Intelligence Level Evaluation and Practice", and "White Paper on Network AI Applications”. These white papers will be released at MWC Shanghai 2019. 

As a reliable partner, ZTE will continue to help China Unicom build intelligent, agile, intensive and open CUBE-Net 2.0+ networks. Moving forward, ZTE and China Unicom will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation on AI platform and the deployment of key AI scenarios, jointly promoting the application and development of AI in the telecommunications industry.