ZTE Demonstrates 5G Innovative Applications at MWC 2019

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26 February 2019, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today demonstrates its latest achievements, applications and solutions in the fields of 5G, the Internet of Things, and AI at Mobile World Congress 2019.

First of all, ZTE unveils China's first robot remote control demo through 5G network. In this demonstration, a robot operator puts on dynamic controller gloves to manipulate the robot through arm and finger. In the 5G network environment, the robot operator manipulates the robot remotely in milliseconds, while the delay is reduced by nearly 100 times compared with that in 4G or Wi-Fi network. Empowered by URLLC of 5G, the robot can perform in extreme and dangerous environments in place of humans.

Second, ZTE demonstrates 5G enabled intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition simulates smart factories’ mobile phone screen production scenarios, such as quality inspection, remote video surveillance and remote guidance. 

In these scenarios, the low-latency slice enables the control signal transmission between AR and the robot arm for automatic detection of the mobile phone screen. 

The low-latency and high-bandwidth slice is used to meet the requirements of operation monitoring and real-time remote guidance, while the 360 degree panoramic surveillance camera and the environment monitoring device share another slice.

Third, ZTE also presents the cloud VR based on 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). In the demonstration, a teacher shares VR scenes with students by means of the central control system located in the MEC server. 

By providing low latency and large bandwidth, 5G MEC facilitates the maturity of new services, such as live video, online game, online education, video surveillance, industry video and the Internet of Things. 

In addition, 5G augmented video analysis through 5G MEC is also demonstrated at ZTE’s booth. Based on 5G network, face images captured by a drone in the booth are sent to be analyzed through 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) with AI Algorithm from ZTE. 

Featuring accurate recognition, real-time analysis, and simplified deployment, 5G augmented video analysis can effectively address the problems of traditional video analysis, including poor mobility, low coverage, and incomplete field of view. 

5G augmented video analysis can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, such as emergency management, natural disaster control, environment protection, power supply, highway and port management. 

Finally, ZTE showcases its 5G-based Smart Water-control and Monitoring solution . This solution utilizes 5G technologies to realize drone patrolling, HD video real-time monitoring, and AR remote control. Empowered by AI, big data and the IoT platform, ZTE’s solution has enabled digital transformation of water management industry which launched in Baiyangdian Lake of Xiong’an, China

ZTE has demonstrated 5G business innovations with telecom operators and partners in vertical industries, such as big video, vehicle-to-everything, industry internet, and smart grid. Faced with the industry market, ZTE provides stable and reliable wireless network, 5G industry devices, end-to-end network slicing system and MEC products.  ZTE's products and solutions will help telecom operators to offer personalized and differentiated services to industry customers, realizing the transformation to digital information services.

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