ZTE Releases 5G Network Intelligence White Paper
Date:2018-10-10 ZTE Click:1650

17 October 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today released its "5G Network Intelligence White Paper". Featuring ZTE’s leading technologies in 5G arena and in-depth insights on telecoms development, the white paper aims to address the internal and external challenges that the telecom networks will be confronted with in the 5G era.
The "5G Network Intelligence White Paper" focuses on ZTE's 5G network intelligence researches and achievements, and aims to promote the deep integration of AI technology and the telecoms field, thereby expecting to address the trend of combining artificial intelligence technology with the telecoms network.  
Such integration will accelerate the efficiency of 5G network operation and maintenance, the ecological co-construction of the industry in the era of intelligent interconnection, and the continued growth of the digital social economy as well.
In terms of the 5G intelligent construction, ZTE proposes a cloud-based, service-based 5G infrastructure to realize intelligent ubiquitous empowerment.
In accordance with the layered introduction and on-demand deployment, the intelligent engine, the lightweight engine, and the real-time engine can be deployed flexibly to different levels of training and reasoning requirements.
The AI algorithm model and various levels of intelligent engines can be deployed based on different hardware computing environments in 5G networks.
Meanwhile, the combination of engines, model components, and application algorithms can be integrated into different network functional entities to realize the intelligentization of 5G networks.
ZTE demonstrates 5G network intelligent application from five aspects of 5G wireless, core network, bearer network, end-to-end slicing, and network services.
Such network services include network traffic prediction and edge intelligence, MEC intelligence, operation and maintenance intelligence and other capabilities enhancement, RF fingerprint application, Massive MIMO adaptation, load forecasting and equalization, intelligent network traffic tuning, and intelligent alarms.
In the white paper, ZTE also showcases 5G industry applications, such as E2E slice intelligent deployment, intelligent protection and intelligent operation.
Global 5G networks witness rapid deployments with the maturing of 5G technology standards and the in-depth development of global pre-commercial testing. The traditional human governance model based on expert experience turns to be difficult to satisfy the requirements of network development. The network autonomy model with intelligence will therefore become the direction of 5G network evolution.
ZTE has been dedicated to helping operators well adapt to trends and address challenges by building a complete set of data sensing, intent insight, and intelligent analysis capabilities for telecom networks, thereby creating intelligence with the capabilities of “network autonomy, foreseeing the future, on-demand, and intelligent operation”.

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