ZTE, ETB Jointly Win GTB Fixed Network Infrastructure Innovation Award for Deployment of "Easyoptical+OTDR" Solution

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30 May 2016, Shenzhen, China - At the Innovation Awards 2016 held by Global Telecoms Business (GTB), ZTE and Colombian operator ETB(The Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá) were the winners of the Fixed Network Infrastructure Innovation award thanks to their joint implementation of an "Easyoptical+OTDR" project that produced a visible, manageable and controllable FTTH network. With a real-time network monitoring system and accurate fault location functionality, the network features a drastically shortened troubleshooting time and vastly improved Operation & Maintenance (O&M) efficiency. This system was implemented this year. Similarly the nomination for this important award was also given in 2016. 

As the largest fixed network carrier in Bogota, ETB operates a GPON network, among other networks, that provides a variety of services. While the GPON network had helped ETB steadily boost market share and operating revenue in recent years, it faced increasingly operation, maintenance and service issues. For example, it lacked sufficient PON network monitoring and automatic diagnosis mechanisms, leading to  low efficiency in fault location and slow response to customer complaints.  

To address these issues, ZTE came up with an "Easyoptical+OTDR" solution, rapidly establishing a well-rounded FTTH GPON O&M assurance system that enables all the active equipment networkwise, regardless of its vendors, and the ODN platform to be monitored in real time. In the test of interoperability with the third-party OLT as part of the bidding process, the "Easyoptical+OTDR" solution delivered a brilliant performance, deeply impressing ETB with its friendly interactive interface, proactive fault detection and accurate fualt location. The "Easyoptical+OTDR" solution consists of seven modules: fault diagnosis, real-time monitoring, alarm processing, performance prediction,statistics and analysis, online evaluation, and online optimization. Through the modules, the solution enables the fast handling of FTTx network faults, enhances O&M efficiency, and optimizes service quality. As a result, customer complaint processing is turned from passive into active and user satisfaction is elevated. 

The GTB Innovation Awards are presented by the authoritative telecoms industry publication Global Telecoms Business to recognize innovative telecommunications projects and services across the world. ZTE has been a recipient of the prestigious awards for several consecutive years.


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