Power Up Big Video – ZTE Promotes Its 4K UHD Big Video Solution at Broadband Asia & TV Connect Asia 2016

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JAKARTA, April 13, 2016 – At this year’s Broadband Asia & TV Connect Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia, ZTE promoted the company’s end-to-end 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) solution. Optimized specifically for Asia-Pacific customers, ZTE’s 4K UHD is designed to help APAC customers seize new market opportunities in the era of Big Video.

Operators face a number of challenges when converting from a traditional service model to a data service, specifically when converting a traditional video service model to one supporting internet video services. Big Video, the concept first proposed by ZTE at the 2016 Mobile World Congress Barcelona, is the confluence of rapid growth in four key areas: content, networks, data and the ecosystem. The Big Video ecosystem will help ZTE customers provide stellar quality to end users.

“Operator data traffic is rapidly growing, and industry consultancies predict that video data traffic will account for more than 95% of total network data consumption by 2020. Videos are created by communications professionals across all verticals and not just from the film and TV industry. These new players in video are a feature of the Big Video ecosystem,” said Mr. Zhu Jinyun, ZTE’s Senior Vice President. “Video service is the next value keystone for operators today and in future. ZTE’s 4K UHD helps operators seize the opportunities that exist now and will materialize in future.

At this summit, ZTE also demonstrated several innovative set-top-box models developed for its 4K big video solution, including the ZTE B800S2 and the ZTE HC100.

The B800S2 is a IPTV/OTT dual-mode AndroidTV set-top-box. It uses the latest high-end Broadcom chip, 64-bit architecture, and industry-leading dual-core CPU offering a performance of 12000 DMIPS to handle more complicated computing demands. With built-in 3D GPU and 4K HDR (3840×2160@60fps 10-Bit Color) UHD, it delivers clearer, smoother, high-definition video to users.

The HC100 is an innovative home cloud set-top-box that integrates 4K UHD, Smart Home, NAS, and Home CDN. It uses the latest Android 5.1 system and JVM to be compatible with Android applications, and supports video calls, home monitoring, home sensor monitoring, multi-screen interaction and Miracast, in addition to home media sharing. It features powerful quad-core CPU (2.0GHz), 3D GPU and 4K (3840×2160@60fps 10-Bit Color) UHD and H.265.

ZTE's end-to-end 4K UHD system provides comprehensive support for H.265 to ensure efficient transmission of 4K video streams, and uses a private network for 4K to guarantee high quality of service for 4K video. In addition, it is equipped with high-performance and ultra-large-storage CDN devices to safeguard the high efficiency of the 4K video service.

ZTE is the global-leading IPTV/OTT and network video communication solutions provider and equipment vendor. It has been dedicated to the R&D of video services for more than ten years and has profound experience in offering end-to-end video solutions and industrial cooperation. In the Asia-Pacific market, ZTE helped Indonesia Telkom successfully put its 4K UHD system into application. As of December 2015, ZTE remains the leader in IPTV/OTT global market share, with 80 IPTV/OTT commercial cases and a total system capacity of 50 million and more than 80 integrated CDN offices across the globe. 

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