ZTE launches its next-generation uSmartView cloud desktop solution at CeBIT 2016

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18 March 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, launched its next-generation cloud desktop solution, uSmartView, at CeBit 2016.


The cloud desktop is a common application in the cloud computing domain. With technical features such as security, convenience, and energy saving features, it can significantly improve the efficiency of enterprise. Today, more and more enterprises include cloud desktop in their office solutions. Presented at CeBIT 2016, ZTE’s uSmartView includes new innovative and industry-leading features in technical convergence, elastic bandwidth occupancy, multi-scenario applicability, and terminal performance.


VDI+VOI: higher resource utilisation

The ZTE uSmartView cloud desktop solution breaks the common virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI) model in the industry and combines the VDI with virtual offline infrastructure (VOI) to take advantages of both models. Therefore, the uSmartView supports server-based virtualisation as well as PC-based virtualisation, and takes advantages of the high-performance terminal to realise localised computing and improve resource utilisation.


Elastic bandwidth: lower resource consumption

The ZTE uSmartView cloud desktop solution uses stream transmission technology to transmit media from the virtual server to the user terminal in a continuous and real-time manner while minimising the bandwidth between the virtual server and terminal. Moreover, the uSmartView supports in-depth network optimisation for applications ranging from common office to HD video, which suits enterprises’ needs to realise elastic adjustment of required bandwidth. This allows HD video to be played smoothly in the low-bandwidth network environment. 

Cross-industry convergence: applicable to more scenarios

Currently, while almost all cloud desktop solutions in the market are only suitable to enterprise office scenarios, ZTE has integrated its uSmartView solution with a set-top-box (STB), for the first time in the industry. By integrating the cloud desktop into the STB, the uSmartView solution can provide customers with multiple services including TV, cloud desktop, WiFi, wired Internet access, and allows users to quickly switch between desktop applications and internet protocol television (IPTV). Therefore, it provides smart applications for hotels and families.


First demo of “one terminal, two clouds”

At CeBIT 2016, ZTE successfully demonstrated its terminal, ZXCLOUD CT340, which is used in the uSmartView solution, in terms of the “one terminal, two clouds” demo. In the demo, ZTE staff used the ZXCLOUD CT340 to access both the cloud desktop and cloud conferencing services. The ZTE TrueMeet cloud conferencing system’s audio and video effect was seamlessly converged with the cloud desktop. The demo fully illustrated the innovative application of the cloud desktop and video communications in cloud-based enterprise office, which is in line with the trend of Internet of everything.


According to IDC, a market research firm, the global cloud computing market scale in 2015 has reached $118 billion, and will grow by at least 15 percent in the coming years. The cloud desktop, as one of the most common cloud computing applications, is expanding its global market share. According to Gartner’s forecasts, 40 percent of PCs in the world will be replaced by virtual desktops by 2016.


ZTE’s uSmartView solution provides applications for resource sharing, dynamic allocation, elastic expansion and data convergence. It also provides customised solutions to create more value for customers in all industries. ZTE continues to strive towards making innovations and breakthroughs in the cloud desktop domain to facilitate a prosperous desktop cloud era.

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