ZTE launches new-generation data center solutions

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15  March 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced at CeBIT 2016, the launch of its 9900 datacentre switch series as well as additional datacentre TOR switch models and an increased capacity for its ZXR10 5960 series.


The recent rapid development of cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet has led to a continuous increase in Internet traffic. Existing datacenters that remain connected at 10Gbps speeds will face a huge challenge and they must embrace innovation as customers’ demands increase from 10Gbps to 25Gbps and 50Gbps. Providers urgently need to upgrade from existing 10Gbps to 100Gbps Ethernet switching and 25Gbps server connections to provide more flexible support for services and applications.


The ZXR10 9900 series switch can be smoothly upgraded to next-generation datacenter network platforms thanks to its record breaking switching capability. Each single device has up to 288Tbps switching capacity and can be smoothly expanded to 576Tbps, which perfectly meets cloud computing datacenter construction needs and guarantees the long-term smooth evolution capability of the network.


The ZXR10 5960 series has a new 25GE TOR switch with high-density access capability. It provides high-density 25GE access and 40GE/100GE uplink aggregation. It has three high-speed cassette switch models. It can confidently satisfy the high-speed high-density access demands of the datacenter.

ZTE’s datacenter access solution has the following highlights:

1.   It greatly improves the switching capability of the core network. Each single device has up to288T switching capacity and the single line board has up to 36 100GE wire-speed switching capability, delivering a three times performance improvement. At the same time, the chassis of the whole device remains unchanged. The architecture can be continuously upgraded and supports smooth evolution to 576Tbps so that customers’ investment can be well protected.

2.   The TOR access switch can provide 10G/25GE access with a fixed configuration, 40GE/100GE interconnection, and enable the users to flexibly deploy their networks by configuring different types of sub-cards.

3.   ZTE provides various cloud datacenter network solutions such as Fabric software defined networking (SDN), Overlay SDN, and network function virtualizationinfrastructure (NFVI) to suit different application scenarios such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid clouds.


ZTE has gained several years’ experience since it first promoted its new-generation high-performance core switches, ZXR10 9900 and ZXR10 5960, in 2013 and since then, ZTE’s datacenter series switches have gained acceptance in the market. Now, with the commercial applications of its flagship ZXR10 9900 model with the largest capacity in the industry, as well as additional new 5960 models, ZTE datacentre series switches and solutions have become even more competitive in the datacentre market.

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