ZTE resolves to be an enabler in digital transformation field

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20 March 2017, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that ZTE was in sync with the exhibition theme "Enabler@Digital Transformation" with the philosophy of urban intelligent networks in CeBIT 2017. Specifically, it exemplified the notion "big platform and big integration" by demonstrating its IoT (city nerve endings), backbone networks (information transmission), and cloud platform (city brain). Moreover, ZTE carried out joint exhibitions with its partners to reinforce the open and win-win ecosystem atmosphere. By complementing material systems with virtual presentations, and attaching equal importance to products and solutions, ZTE revealed the value of data flows in city operations with its digital transformation  achievements.

5G, IoT and Big Data help make cities smarter

ZTE focused on demonstrating its 5G and IoT-integrated smart city solutions and applications at the show, and visualised the process of smart city data collection, access, transmission, storage, and analysis, demonstrating how a city can work like a human body.

According to ZTE’s experts, Big Data acts as the brain of the smart city while IoT sensors (for example, cameras) are the nerve endings. Building visualised and granular networks by leveraging 5G and IoT technologies plays a significant role in making a city smarter.

ZTE exhibited an operable IoT solution co-built by the China LoRa Application Alliance (CLAA) that incorporates CLAA IoT Wireless Gateway(IWGs), LoRa chips and modules, and all functional products (intelligent terminals) and solutions. This solution addresses key issues, such as how to reduce power consumption, minimise costs, extend the transmission distance and intensify the coverage in the last mile of IoT, boosting the large-scale commercial use of urban IoTs with an abundance of nerve endings. For example, the ink-conductive projective wall exhibited onsite demonstrated the sensitivity of such nerve endings.

Multitudes of nerve endings inevitably give rise to huge volumes of data, posing significant challenges to traditional urban communication networks. As a countermeasure, ZTE has developed the cloudified intelligent network solution that uses future-proof wireless platform-as-a-service (PaaS) architecture and fully utilises 5G technologies to create a ubiquitous, intelligent, and flexible ultra-broadband network. In this way, real-time information can be collected from sensors deployed on such facilities as street lamps, dustbins, and manhole covers and smoothly transmitted to the urban operation center.

The ZTE-developed urban operation center, consisting of a cloud computing center and two platforms, implements data sharing, exchange, mining, and analysis for the entire city, and distributes the required data to the authorities or citizens through web pages and applications. Among ZTE’s smart city projects, applications such as smart transportation, smart tourism, smart street, and smart government have received positive recognition among citizens and constituted the main success cases that ZTE demonstrated to the audience at CeBIT 2017. For example, after downloading the smart tourismto application to a smartphone, a user can access information on scenic/tourist locations, event tickets and available hotels in a city, gaining access to all the local food, hotel, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment services with ease.

In addition to public-oriented intelligent services, ZTE has tailored an adaptive safety operation center for the authorities by using the police big data and video analysis functions to serve the following purposes:

  • Improving the case efficiency
  • Enhancing emergency prediction capabilities
  • Deducing safety trends and probability
  • Issuing warnings against latent risks

In this way, the city administration model is switched from passive reaction to proactive prevention.

Ultra-broadband and cloudification help boost digital transformation of enterprises

With the expedited application of 5G technologies characterised by high bandwidth and low latency, ZTE predicts the ever-present IoE, intelligence, virtuality, cloudified services, and prevalent openness and sharing in the forthcoming years. Virtuality, openness, intelligence, cloudification and IoE, all core factors in the digitalised transformation of enterprises, will catalyse the formation of requirement-centric business patterns that are based on technologies and driven by commercial modes.

ZTE resolves to be an enabler in the digital transformation field. With the immense expertise experiences in the telecommunications field, ZTE has exhibited such industrial solutions as the TrueMeet cloud conference system, smart rail transit, and smart energy, providing enterprises with carrier-grade networks to boost the rapid digital transformation.

ZTE also exhibited an exciting diving experience zone, where users could immerse themselves in submarine scenery by sitting in a custom chair with VR glasses. During the VR diving, all physical and motion data could be recorded expeditiously and analysed in an intelligent manner, creating a safe and enjoyable diving environment for users.

Openness and innovation help create a healthy ecosystem

In addition to its broad lines of self-developed products, ZTE has joined hands with ecosystem partners from such fields as smart city, urban IoT and Big Data to carry out a series of thematic exhibitions. IoT and smart city projects are complex and involve many industries. With the operation philosophy of innovation, openness, cooperation, and shared success, ZTE is committed to the maximised integration of industry chain resources and intensified efforts in extending the cooperative ecosystem circle on the bedrock of reciprocity and sharing during recent years of rapid development. As a result, it has gradually entered into close partnership in product, solution, and service development and can provide one-stop services pertaining to infrastructure, platform construction and service application to better and faster meet diversified and individual requirements.

Xu Ming, President of ZTE Strategy and Marketing, delivered a keynote speech, encouraging discussions on how smart city promotes the city service improving and city industries upgrading. ZTE is committed to creating an open and harmonious global ecosystem. By sharing resources and complementing capabilities with partners, ZTE will deliver more competitive solutions and products and optimise services for customers. To create a new IOE world, ZTE wholeheartedly welcomes further international enterprises to the mutually beneficial ecosystem that boosts common growth.


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