Lighting up "Eiffel Tower" in Libya

2021-11-30 Author:By Liu Chengwen Click:
Lighting up "Eiffel Tower" in Libya - ztetechnologies
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Lighting up "Eiffel Tower" in Libya

Release Date:2021-11-30  Author:By Liu Chengwen  Click:

Libyana is the largest mobile operator in Libya, committed to increasing local mobile penetration, improving users' lives, and promoting national economic growth and intelligence transformation. Libyana provides network coverage in all key regions of the country, and has the best local LTE network, serving users in over 49 cities. In the future, Libyana will work with its partners and the capital government to launch the first local 5G network and promote the implementation of the 3SC plan, i.e. smart company, smart city and smart country.

Libyana proposed to build a new 100m tower at its headquarters in the capital Tripoli in 2017 to share the traffic of the existing 70m tower. The 70m tower is an important convergence site. After the 70m tower was put into use, a large number of antennas were installed on it, and the tower was in a state of overload operation. Because the headquarters is close to the seaside, the tower has been rusted in the harsh environment. The new 100m tower will not only meet the needs of future service development, but also show the brand image of Libyana.

Libyana has selected ZTE's lighting tower solution that integrates a lighting system on the communication tower. The new tower has become an outstanding landmark building in the area, while meeting the requirements for installation and operation of telecom equipment. It highlights the high-end image of Libyana and has few precedents in the industry. The tower structure is designed according to the American ANSI/TIA standard and with the highest safety index. More than 22000 brightening light sources and Libyana Logo are deployed on the tower, which are colorful and changeable after the lights are on.

ZTE has put forward a number of innovative technologies and developed the "1+4" solution that includes one super tower and four major systems such as equipment installation system, power supply and distribution system, lighting control system, and wiring system. The solution has been certified by professional consulting institutes and highly recognized by Libyana.

One Super Tower

The tower is 100m high, the antenna load is up to 65 m2, and its future expansion capacity is reserved. The tower body is designed with two slope changes to solve the contradiction between the small site area and the high anti-deformation requirement for the tower. High-strength steel and high-efficiency anti-corrosion technologies are used on the tower to ensure long-term reliable operation in coastal areas.

Tailor-Made Equipment Installation System
More than 22000 light sources have been deployed along the members of the tower to achieve the ultimate brightening effect. Libyana has chosen ZTE's tailor-made equipment installation system to address the installation issue.
—Standard connectors: The light source deployment solution used in traditional lighting projects is not applicable for the telecom tower due to its structural characteristics. ZTE has designed standard connectors that match the tower structure. The connectors build a bridge between the tower and light sources, providing a unified installation interface for them. This results in easy installation, stable construction quality, and reliable connection of light sources. After installation, the light sources are neat and beautiful.
—Protruding antenna bracket: As a core tower of Libyana's network, many antennas in different forms will be gradually installed on the tower during its service period. As both the antennas and light sources are installed on the tower, how to make the light sources not affect the installation of the antennas is a problem that must be solved. ZTE has creatively developed its protruding antenna bracket that makes the installation independent of light sources and suitable for all kinds of antennas, so that the antennas can be added to the tower at any time as needed.
—Well-deployed equipment platform: To ensure stable operation of 22000 light sources, reliable power supply and distribution equipment need to be deployed near the light sources. According to the tower structure and light source distribution, five layers of equipment platform are placed at a distance of 85m, 60m, 40m, 22.5m and 7.5m above the ground respectively. Each platform supports the installation of sufficient power supply and distribution equipment, laying a solid foundation for stable operation of the lighting system.

Power Supply and Distribution System
The power supply and distribution system is designed in accordance with power distribution requirements and on-site conditions, and matches the Libyan power grid system. It consists of a main inlet cabinet and multiple power distribution cabinets, which drive 230 switch mode power supplies (SMPS) on the tower and supply power to the light sources. The power supply and distribution system is self-designed by ZTE and matches the tower lighting scene perfectly. The lighting system can be automatically turned on and off at a set time. In the design, each string of light sources and the corresponding SMPS are numbered, so that the on-site construction and follow-up maintenance can be accurately managed. Thorough leakage protection and grounding devices are also provided to ensure power safety.

Lighting Control System
The lighting control system consists of two main controllers and several sub-controllers. Using the DMX512 signal control standard, it can control each light source accurately and independently, make it change in 256 colors, and provide the tower with a colorful, gorgeous and ever-changing appearance.
Light sources are controlled flexibly through a memory card or remotely controlled by a computer. Through the professional playback control software, managers can debug the lighting system, edit playback files, and control the playback process. The operation of the lighting control system is very simple and can be mastered with a small amount of training.

Wiring System
The cables involved in the tower include power lines, grid lines, feeders, grounding wires and other types, each of which has different specifications. The number and variety of the cables far exceed that of conventional communication towers. ZTE's well-designed wiring system effectively connects all the components, makes them work together, and realizes communication and lighting functions. The customized wiring/climbing integrated facilities have good stability and strong carrying capacity, and can meet the need of a large number of cables for vertical routing. Strong and weak electricity cables are deployed separately and conveniently with neat appearance. Horizontal wiring channels are deployed around the equipment platform, which can match the layout of the cabinets, so that the cables can be easily connected to the cabinets.

The core tower of Libyana's headquarters is also the first lighting tower in Libya, known as the country's "Eiffel Tower". It is the most important benchmarking project of Libyana and is highly valued by Libyana and ZTE. ZTE set up a special team to service the project. During the production period, ZTE organized professionals from all parties to test the tower and lighting system, and passed strict on-site factory inspections by Libyana and professional institutions. After the materials were delivered to the site, ZTE braved the influence of Covid-19, arranged for experts to provide on-site and remote support, and successfully completed the installation of the tower and lighting system. 
These lights were first lit on the Libyan Revolution Day in 2021, making the holiday night even more beautiful. Senior Libyan government officials and senior Libyana management attended the ceremony and toasted with ZTE representatives. This news was widely reported on local TV stations and various social media, attracting great attention and enhancing the brand image of Libyana. ZTE will take this project as a model, keep optimizing the tower lighting solution, and promote it in other regions to create value for more customers.