Telkomsel: Spearheading 5G Development in Indonesia

2021-07-26 Author:Reporter: Shena Agusta Click:
Telkomsel: Spearheading 5G Development in Indonesia - ztetechnologies
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Telkomsel: Spearheading 5G Development in Indonesia

Release Date:2021-07-26  Author:Reporter: Shena Agusta  Click:

In May, Telkomsel launched the first 5G service in Indonesia, furthering its commitment to advancing the digital nation. In an interview with ZTE Technologies, Indra Mardiatna, VP of Technology Strategy at Telkomsel, talks about how the company has prepared for 5G deployment and how it will move forward with 5G under its vision.

Telkomsel has been in the leading position in Indonesia. And the recent commercial launch of 5G technology has proved so. What is Telkomsel's take on 5G?

As the leading digital telco in Indonesia, Telkomsel is committed to offering the best products, services, and solutions through collaborative efforts with partners and other stakeholders. By being the first 5G operator in Indonesia, we have revived our commitment to advancing Indonesia's digital ecosystem.
The implementation of Telkomsel 5G will reinforce our digital capabilities. 5G will enable us to provide leading solutions to improve user experience, transform industries, and level up the quality of life of people in Indonesia. We dedicate the deployment of Telkomsel 5G to opening up millions of opportunities for consumers, B2Bs, and academics.

How has Telkomsel been preparing the commercial deployment of 5G in Indonesia?

Telkomsel has been running a variety of technological trials and use cases since 2017 when we had a 5G live demo. The following year, during the 2018 Asian Games, we built the first 5G experience center in Indonesia. At that time, we introduced 5G technology through Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Gaming, VR, and many more.
We didn't stop there. We have also been expanding 5G use cases to a broader sector in diverse industries to encourage the Making Indonesia 4.0 just like when we hosted the 5G for Industry 4.0 in Batam back in 2019.
On that occasion, we had a collaboration with B2B partners to demonstrate the concrete application of 5G technology, from smart factories, smart ports, smart agriculture to remote monitoring. All of them will help industries simplify business processes and accelerate efficiency and productivity.
Those kinds of trials and use cases are part of our plan to roll out the best practices of 5G technology according to customers and industries' needs in Indonesia. Of course, we have been working closely with the government of Indonesia to make 5G a reality. The moment we earned the commercial operation permit to roll out 5G technology from the Ministry of ICT, we realized that it was a great opportunity to reinforce our leadership in mobile technology and foster Indonesia's digital transformation through 5G.

Could you share with us about Telkomsel's 5G rollout plan?

Telkomsel envisions that anyone can experience the best 5G service supported by a reliable 5G network. As the first 5G operator in Indonesia, we will continue to make a thorough effort in expanding the availability of Telkomsel 5G services.
In the future, 5G will accelerate the digital lifestyle of the community and digitally transform local governments, MSME players, and cross-industrial sectors that will increase productivity, drive efficiency, and deliver more innovation. Telkomsel 5G demonstrates our commitment to liberating digital connectivity as the foundation of an inclusive and sustainable national digital ecosystem.
Therefore, we continue to establish strategic partnerships with multiple parties to create a positive impact that answers the growing needs of communities and industries. We will take this opportunity to contribute more to the progress of the nation through leading innovations.

You mentioned that Telkomsel took part in the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. How does Telkomsel play a role to navigate this roadmap to the right direction?

Telkomsel fully supports the government's vision to maximize the use of 5G technology in many sectors by providing the leading 5G service in Indonesia.
We will continue to strengthen our collaboration with many players across industries. In this way, we can ensure that 5G applications in the industrial sector will create innovative and beneficial solutions that bring convenience and added value to the community in everyday life.
We are pulling all efforts to make 5G a driving force for the nation's progress. We are on the right track to move Indonesia forward at the global level.

As we know that Telkomsel and ZTE's collaboration is close and tight, and may I have your perspective about ZTE? Any suggestions for ZTE?

It wouldn't be possible to roll out 5G without full support from our strategic partners, including ZTE. We work closely with ZTE to showcase several 5G use cases at the recent 5G launch event, demonstrating 5G benefits for both consumers and enterprise segments, such as the 5G VR experience and 5G patrol robot. We will continue this partnership to provide a better mobile broadband experience for our customers.