ZTE and China Mobile Help Xinfengming Group Upgrade Its 5G Intelligent Manufacturing

2021-05-26 Author:By Yuan Wenchong
ZTE and China Mobile Help Xinfengming Group Upgrade Its 5G Intelligent Manufacturing - ztetechnologies
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ZTE and China Mobile Help Xinfengming Group Upgrade Its 5G Intelligent Manufacturing

Release Date:2021-05-26  Author:By Yuan Wenchong  Click:

2020 was the first year of 5G deployment in China. The three major operators in the country have basically completed 5G deployment in the core areas to achieve a full 5G coverage. With the maturity of 5G and edge computing, the focus of campus digital construction is shifting from IT infrastructure and chimney applications to local campus service enhancement. In this context, smart campus construction and industrial upgrade & transformation have been placed in a more important position. This will provide reliable and high-performance 5G access services for enterprise digital applications.

China Mobile Zhejiang Branch (Zhejiang Mobile for short) has made every effort to implement the "5G+" plan in recent years, which not only leads the coodinated development of 5G+4G, but also promotes 5G+AICDE innovation, 5G+Ecology co-construction and 5G+X applications. Its 5G development has been in the forefront of the country and even the world. Zhejiang Mobile has been well prepared in terms of network, capability, applications, ecology and operation. It will actively meet the service needs of 5G network in the digital transformation of various industries with the five-new concept, i.e. new network, new terminal, new service, new ecology and new application.

Xinfengming Group is a leading chemical fiber manufacturer of polyester filaments. Its production capacity of polyester filaments ranks second globally. The global chemical fiber industry is entering a critical stage of digital transformation, and the communications in production workshops are also facing great challenges. The traditional network cannot meet end-to-end requirements of low latency, high stability and high reliability for devices in the workshop. Their wiring, operation and maintenance costs are also high. There are a variety of services in the workshop, especially some video services that require high bandwidth, but the traditional network cannot meet the requirements.

The "5G intelligent and one-stop local network" project jointly built by ZTE, Zhejiang Mobile and Xinfengming Group has been tested and verified. Leveraging ZTE's NodeEngine solution, Xinfengming Group's 5G manufacturing platform has been upgraded to accelerate its comprehensive digital transformation. This is the first commercial deployment of NodeEngine solution by ZTE and China Mobile.

To better serve manufacturing with 5G technologies and provide enterprises with flexible and fast local services, ZTE, China Mobile Research Institute and Zhejiang Mobile have teamed up to provide industrial campuses with the innovative NodeEngine solution, featuring functions of PRB-based hard slicing, intelligent and simple local traffic offloading, EdgeQoS service management and control, and enterprise self-service portal based on the concept of 5G intelligence and simplification. The solution is simple to deploy, quick to commission and excellent in performance and cost effectiveness. In this 5G project, most of the production equipment is dedicated to Xinfengming, such as AGV trucks, visual detection equipment, and automatic assembly equipment. The PRB-based hard slicing and local traffic offloading provide Xinfengming with the 5G private network capability in a short time, enabling the access of these dedicated equipment and the local traffic offloading and clearly separating 2C users from 2B users. This can ensure the access and network performance of different types of terminals. Compared with other existing solutions, the end-to-end delay can be shortened by 20%.

The NodeEngine solution also provides an exclusive local O&M portal for enterprises. The network can be dynamically adjusted to meet different application requirements, and the network performance can be viewed in real time, thereby ensuring flexible management and control. Moreover, the NodeEngine solution implements sophisticated EdgeQoS management and control. On the one hand, the QoS requirements of local services are intelligently identified and distributed through edge AI to trigger network adjustment parameters to match service requirements. On the other hand, according to the service model, the resources such as bandwidth, latency and reliability are dynamically scheduled to match and guarantee real-time requirements, thus achieving differentiated local network services. Through the sophisticated management and control of EdgeQoS, private networks can truly be flexibly adjusted according to services, greatly improving service experience and resource efficiency.

Xinfengming Group has been fully covered by the 5G network, and has carried out applications in many fields, such as mobile office, video communication and data collection. It has also built an industrial internet platform that integrates real-time data, big data, assistant decision-making and industrial APP. The Group actively embraces digital change, and the 5G+ industrial internet platform enables the Group to achieve the first place in terms of main focus, intelligence, annual growth rate and comprehensive profitability, and to consume the least products and carbon emissions. Xinfengming Group has tripled its production capacity in the past three years and is expected to reach 20 million tons of capacity and more than 100 billion yuan in revenue by 2025. 

ZTE has been committed to empowering traditional industries with 5G, and has made remarkable achievements in industrial manufacturing. In addition to the Xinfengming Group digital transformation, the Nanjing Binjiang Smart Manufacturing Base and Changsha Smart Factory built by ZTE have become the models in the industry. ZTE has also created typical 5G applications together with leading manufacturers such as SANY Group and Zhejiang SUPCON. Moving forward, ZTE will continue to innovate and become a 5G enabler and ecosystem builder to help industrial manufacturing develop towards a green, low-carbon, digital, and intelligent future.