ZTE Is a Reliable Partner for Global Customers

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See what our customers say about cooperation with ZTE. ZTE adheres to making technology innovation and creating value for customers and partners to enable connectivity and trust everywhere. 

5G is Ready-Let Us Create a Better Future Together


ZTE has been our main network partner since 2010. This applies both to the radio network and the core network. Together we have implemented successfully a number of big projects, including the modernization of our 3G network, the consolidation of two networks after merger, and the nationwide rollout of 4G.

To do that, we need a very strong technology partner, but we need also a partner that is very good and trusted in working together in our cooperation. And we found that was ZTE. 

In 2019, we expect the first small-scale commercial deployment of 5G. After a couple of years of discussions, it is now the time to deliver. We see that the technology is mature for that step. We have been preparing for that moment for a couple of years together with ZTE in our innovation center in Austria. 

We believe that ZTE can be a good partner on this journey.


In L'Aquila, with ZTE, we are testing and trying the new 5G technology, that we plan to deploy starting from this year. But, before we do that, we need to understand how it works, and how it is the best way to deploy it. And also we are starting to look at how it can be used. I think that is an important part of what we are doing in L'Aquila with ZTE. 
We are working very closely together. I think the partnership with a technology company like ZTE is very important, because while we are a service company, the technology is really provided and developed by ZTE.


A group of leading independent innovation enterprises represented by ZTE, have made great contributions to our country's leap-forward development from 2G to 5G. ZTE actively cooperates with operators and third parties to develop industrial applications. It can be said that 5G is indeed the future trend. If you can say that 4G reconstructed the network, it can be said that 5G will reconstruct the industry and society. We have cooperated with ZTE on 3G, 4G, and 5G. We now have established close and in-depth connection and cooperation with ZTE in 17 provinces and various scenarios.


As one of important strategic partners on 5G exploration, ZTE has all along participated in all of China Mobile's early-stage key technologies PoC experiments as well as subsequent large-scale field trials.

Following that, we have been jointly exploring many new innovative service application opportunities that 5G would enable. Examples include remote AR session, panoramic VR broadcasting as well as, of course, autonomous driving.

We look forward to continuing our close partnership with ZTE, together to explore and contribute to the great new world that 5G era will bring upon us. 

Innovative Cooperation to Facilitate Digital Transformation


Working with ZTE is going well. If you see what's the challenge we had together, and if you see what we have done with it, they did an amazing job in upgrading the mobile network for Telenet, and also moving and migrating all customers from our host MVNO that we had at that time to our own network, and that went good.

In 2017, we opened together with them an innovation center in Brussels. There we did some work in Narrow Band IoT, LTE-M and we want to continue that with 5G that is coming.

So we see them as an innovative partner that with all the technologies that are coming, they can help us with.


Telkom Indonesia actually has a very long relationship and cooperation with ZTE.

So, I hope with ZTE, we can build a joint innovation center or R&D center, together to find the best application services that can run in a 5G network, specifically for the Indonesia market. So probably a lot of benchmarks or implementations in other countries, especially in China that can be explored together and implemented in Indonesia as a starting point. This kind of cooperation we hope we can have from ZTE.


I think ZTE and Ncell are getting along from 2008 if I am not mistaken. Our cooperation is more than 10 years now in this country. 

ZTE being a trusted partner, we find them very professional and supportive, and aligned with the goal of Ncell. What we have seen them as a partner is that in most of these cases, we go hand in hand together to deliver the common goal of a better and connected Nepal.

So I hope they will keep innovating, and they will be still able to support us as a strategic partner for the future needs as well.

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