Major Global Operators’ Views on ZTE and 5G

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5G is the future of mobile internet of everything (IoE). ZTE is a world leader in 5G from technology verification and product development, and it works with the operators side by side to promote 5G commercialization and industrialization. ZTE is working with China Mobile and SoftBank on Pre5G deployments. Together with operators in Hungary and Belgium, ZTE has set network speed records in Europe. Together with Telefonica, ZTE is implementing cloud networks in seven Latin American countries. Let’s see what these operators say about ZTE and 5G.


In August 2016, ZTE announced the signing of a major network modernization deal with Telenet, the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium. Telenet acquired mobile operator BASE from KPN in 2015.


Micha Berger,CTO of Telenct Group



“Telenet has chosen ZTE to be their partner in this whole network upgrade and this whole infrastructure digitalization of our mobile network. We’ve also recently announced and demonstrated a speed test of 1.3 gigabit per second download speed on our live mobile network with the ZTE equipment.”


In early 2016, ZTE signed a Pre5G memorandum of understanding with Hutchison Drei Austria to build the first Pre5G trial site in Europe. In the following December, Hutchison Drei Austria and ZTE successfully conducted the first test of Massive MIMO implementation in Europe.


Matthias Baldermann,CTO of Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH


“I think the key fact is that we are partners, and we appreciate ZTE should be that partner. ZTE is a partner we found flexible, very supportive and always looking for a solution, which serves both parties. And that wasn’t a passed report and it would be more in future.”


In July 2015, ZTE signed a memorandum of understanding with SoftBank to collaborate on research and development based on ZTE’s Pre5G technology, including the use of massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO). In 2016, SoftBank launched Massive MIMO in Japan.


Hideyuki Tsukuda,SVP of SoftBank


“Deploying Massive MIMO in the 2.5 GHz frequency band was a global breakthrough in 5G.”



Takashi Tsutsui,SVP & Chief Scientist of SoftBank



“Just put resource on SDMA. I expect that will become a great future for ZTE as well.”


In June 2016, ZTE signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of 5G technologies with Telefonica. The partnership strengthens ZTE’s position as a strategic technological partner for Telefonica. In the following December, ZTE announced a contract to help Telefonica build a large-scale virtual IP multimedia subsystem (vIMS) network in Latin America.



Enrique Blanco,Global CTO of Telefonica


“5G does not only mean radio and antenna capabilities. 5G also means DWDM capabilities, means to cover the capabilities in the backhauling, in the edge, and, for sure, in the radio, and means to cover the capabilities in the fixed with FTTH. We choose ZTE because they are offering us future.”