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CSL and ZTE Launch World’s First Commercial Grade LTE/DC-HSPA+ Network

Driving Hong Kong to lead the world in mobile broadband innovation

25 November 2010, Hong Kong ― CSL Limited (CSL), Hong Kong’s leading mobile network operator in partnership with ZTE today announced the launch of the world’s first LTE/DC-HSPA+ network, heralding a new era in global mobile communications. LTE is the next generation of mobile broadband networks and dramatically increases capacity and speed, providing peak downlink speeds of 100Mbps with low latency. CSL’s combined LTE/DC-HSPA+ network delivers unprecedented high-speed data with high accessibility and full coverage across Hong Kong.

At today’s launch ceremony, CSL demonstrated how the performance of the LTE/DC-HSPA+ network will ‘go beyond’ existing mobile technologies, building in partnership with ZTE Corporation.

“CSL is proud to be the pioneer of the world’s first LTE/DC-HSPA+ network, which will ensure we continue to go beyond expectations, delivering the best coverage and user experience in Hong Kong while meeting the rapidly increasing demand for mobile data driven by the proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices,” said Joseph O’Konek, Chief Executive Officer, CSL Limited.

“This revolutionary technology represents a quantum leap into a whole new era of mobile broadband for business and entertainment, putting Hong Kong at the forefront of global telecommunications innovation,” he added.


ZTE and Cell C Recognized for “South Africa’s Fastest Broadband Services”

4 November 2010, Shenzhen ― ZTE today announced that Cell C, South Africa’s cellular network operator was awarded the accolade of “South Africa’s Fastest Broadband Services”. This accolade was awarded through the 2010 Broadband Survey for Cell C’s latest GSM/UMTS network, built and deployed by ZTE.

Following a total of nearly 2000 broadband users’ responses from the completed survey, the performance of Cell C’s network led by a clear margin. In a series of speed tests conducted, the average download speed for all broadband services in South Africa was 2.17Mbps for local connectivity and 1.3Mbps for international speed tests. The newly launched Cell C HSPA+ offering had the highest downlink speeds of 7.21Mbps for local tests and 2.47Mbps for international tests. Cell C’s HSPA+ achieved uplink speeds of 2.01Mbps locally and 1.03Mbps internationally.

Mr. Lars Reichelt, CEO of Cell C, noted that since the launch of the GSM/UMTS high-speed network at the beginning of September 2010, the network operator had been reaping customer accolades for its sheer speed and connectivity. “If you want to be part of the future, you have to shape the future, and this is exactly what ZTE and Cell C have been doing for the past 10 months, through installing the most advanced mobile network on the African continent with HSPA+ 900, MSR and an all-IP platform,” stated Lars.

The award for “South Africa’s Fastest Broadband Services” came just seven weeks after the launch of its newly-built network, signaling the dawn of a new era in South Africa.


China Unicom and ZTE Jointly Launch WoStore in Hong Kong

Multi-device online service built exclusively by ZTE will extend mobile applications to Hong Kong

17 November 2010, Hong Kong ― ZTE today announced that it will jointly introduce China Unicom’s multi-platform, multi-device application store called the “WoStore” into Hong Kong.

Launched earlier in Shanghai, China, the WoStore online application service is built entirely by ZTE and will support all open smartphone platforms except for iPhone, as well as terminal devices such as tablet PCs and mobile Internet devices (MIDs). “Wo” is a 3G brand created by China Unicom to reach out to its mobile phone users.

The WoStore adopts mobile phone numbers as usernames and opens registration to all mobile phone users (including 2G or 3G users) of China Unicom’s entire network. Upon successful registration, a user can browse, purchase, download, gift, recommend and add applications to their favorite folders on the WoStore portal.

The announcement was made at Mobile Asia Congress 2010, where China Unicom and ZTE demonstrated the availability of mobile phone applications via WoStore at their booth.


ZTE Wins “Leone D’ Oro per la Comunicazione” (Golden Lion for Communications) Award

ZTE receives the award from Fondazione Italia Cina for brand development activities

25 November 2010, Milan ― ZTE has received the “Leone D’ Oro per la Comunicazione” award from the Fondazione Italia Cina.

Every year, the Fondazione organizes the “China Awards” with the aim of recognizing Italian companies that operate in China and Chinese organizations that operate in Italy. During the ceremony, prizes are awarded to organizations that have invested in the Chinese and Italian economy, citizens, businesses and services.

In the last two years, ZTE has increasingly invested and leveraged its communications strategy to increase business in Italy and internationalize the company. Through partnerships with key carriers and collaborations with qualified local and national consultancies, ZTE has invested in PR and media campaigns, developing co-branded equipment with companies such as Poste Mobile for entry level handset models PM1001, PM1002, PM1005, and with H3G for the MD Touch Mini mobile phone.


ZTE Deploys World’s First Large-Scale Commercial GPON-based Mobile Backhaul Network for TELKOM Indonesia

23 November 2010, Jakarta ― ZTE today announced it has successfully completed the world’s first large-scale commercial GPON-based mobile backhaul network for TELKOM Indonesia, a full-service telecom operator in Indonesia. The project is the first such large-scale commercialization of GPON backhaul technology, and is based on ZTE’s mobile network platform.

With Indonesia’s strong growth in broadband demand in recent years, TELKOM Indonesia needed to meet traditional voice service demands and its current extensive range of broadband services such as high-speed Internet, IPTV and online games, while also considering the integration of fixed and mobile networks to cater for future bandwidth growth.


ZTE Deploys the First 4G/WiMAX Network for ZAPP.PT in Portugal

11 November 2010, Shenzhen ― ZTE has signed a €30 million contract to supply 3G/4G equipment and services to ZAPP.PT in Portugal, including WiMAX and CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev.B network equipment, core network equipment, and Services, which will provide high-speed broadband wireless services across Portugal.

ZTE will provide ZAPP.PT with Uni-RAN mobile network equipment, Uni-Core core network equipment, and services to support the launch of the WiMAX 4G network over 3.5GHz frequencies with initial services being launched by mid-2011 across selected areas of the country, including Lisbon and Porto. It will also upgrade ZAPP.PT’s 450MHz CDMA network to CDMA2000 Rev.B which will be the first EV-DO Rev.B commercial network in Europe, and install a state-of-the-art IMS to provide VoIP services for WiMAX and EV-DO subscribers.


ZTE Showcases World’s First VoLTE Call Based on IMS with Existing Mobile Networks at Mobile Asia Congress 2010

The successful demonstration of standards-based interoperability between LTE network and existing 2G/3G networks

17 November 2010, Hong Kong ― ZTE today demonstrates successful IMS-based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls on CSL’s LTE network and its existing mobile networks at Mobile Asia Congress 2010. The calls finished between IMS clients as well as IMS client and conventional 2G/3G handsets. This is the first time VoLTE calls are made to the industry based on the interoperability of LTE network and existing 2G/3G networks. In addition, supplementary services such as call forwarding, call waiting were demonstrated.

VoLTE is the next step in developing a standard way of delivering voice for LTE. Through the use of its IMS-based solutions and LTE expertise, ZTE is able to demonstrate how voice will work seamlessly in the future.


ZTE Ranked Second in Global IMS Market by iLocus

9 November 2010, Shenzhen ― ZTE today announced that it has been ranked as the No.2 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) vendor by market share.

According to a report by industry analyst firm iLocus, ZTE had strong capabilities in wireless and terminals, and has also shown leadership with wireline IMS during 2009 and in the first half of 2010. The company’s market share of wireline IMS during the first half of 2010 reached 22.3%, helping it secure second place.

The report Global IMS Market 2010 found the global IMS market showed a strong increase with a total of 207.9 million IMS subscriber lines sold across both wireline and wireless networks by the end of the first half of 2010. The report also ranked ZTE second in terms of overall performance.


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